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Dana Linn Bailey Hospitalized From Overtraining During CrossFit

DLB Joke "Who Knew Overtraining Was A Real Thing"

The former competitive bodybuilder and 2013 Ms. Olympia winner Dana Linn Bailey was hospitalized after overtraining during CrossFit training but the good news is she’s ok…

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Dana Linn explained in her Instagram post that she gave herself Rhabdo which is a rare syndrome that can result in kidney failure if not treated on time. She was doing GHD sit-ups for CrossFit training and pushed herself too hard during 3 rounds of two minutes and didn’t realize there was something wrong until about five days after her workout.

Her stomach was really swollen and decided to visit the Doctor, only to find out her kidneys were not functioning. But Dana Linn Bailey is making a full recovery and has some words of advice for anyone just starting out…


“If you are doing an exercise that is a little bit newer to you or you don’t do often. Take your time and try to step outside of competition mode. Listen to your body. And hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!”


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First pump in about 11 days!!! I got FANTASTIC NEWS TODAY…all my levels are just about back to normal, AND my doctor gave me the OK to EASE back into training!!! I’m usually so stubborn and when someone tells me to stop training and recover I u just kind my head and say okay knowing that I will just continue to train and work around an injury…BUT I actually followed directions and did NOT train and stayed super hydrated and I have made almost a FULL recovery in about 8 days!!! And I will still follow her directions for the next week, and take it easy. I’m not suppose to break down any muscle, so I will be sticking to high reps, light weight or body weight exercises….but damn it felt good to do some lateral raises today, even if they were only with 10lbs #progress

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