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Days Out From His Debut, Blessing Awodibu Shows Off Crazy Back Gains

Blessing Awodibu looks in great shape for his debut show.

The Indy Pro is just around the corner and the top competitors are dialing in their prep for the show. The Indy Pro will mark the debut of the popular Blessing Awodibu. As he gets prepped to step on an IFBB Pro League stage for the first time, Blessing Awodibu looks ripped and ready to impress as he shows off some incredible back gains.

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A very outspoken individual looking to generate a ton of interest, Blessing Awodibu isn’t the type of man to stay silent. No, that just isn’t his style at all. Already making some enemies in the IFBB Pro League, Blessing is looking to become the most talked about bodybuilder in the game. He’s already has beef with a number of IFBB pros like Nick Walker and Iain Valliere. Though some may look at this as a negative, in reality Blessing is generating interest. The more people talk about him the more eyes will be on him.

That could be something that backfires, however. With more eyes on him that means more scrutiny and pressure to succeed. But perhaps that’s the whole idea. That kind of pressure can push an athlete to be the best possible version of themselves.

Now heading into the Indy Pro, Blessing Awodibu is looking confident and ready to make good on all his trash talk. He has touted himself as one to watch heading into his IFBB Pro League debut. Now he will have the chance to prove that all the hype is warranted.

Impressive Gains

His recent progress update shows that Blessing has taken his training seriously. The back gains he’s made are nothing short of impressive. 

Even with such an impressive back, questions still remain about Blessing’s leg development. Has he built up his legs enough to make a major impression on the judges or does he still need to pack on more size? It’s something we won’t know for sure until we see Blessing Awodibu take to the stage.

What do you think of Blessing Awodibu and his current physique update?

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