Eating Carbohydrates While Dosing IGF-1 And Insulin

May 10, 2021
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IGF-1 Guide to Lean mass building


Q: My question is about carbs and how much to take with insulin,and IFG1 LR3. I’ve determined that it is about 10g of carbs per 1iu of insulin, but how about with these other things? How many more grams would I need if I were doing 70mcg of IGF1?


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A: Well, here’s the thing… there are a lot of folks that would tell you that you should not do IGF1 and insulin at the same time simply because of the risks, not because it doesn’t work well together – it does. Insulin is something that a novice bodybuilder should not take. We say that not out of being prudish or judgmental, but because insulin is such a precise drug and not to be messed with if you don’t know what you’re doing. We gather you do not, so it probably merits a discussion. You need to do some research before injecting something that can push you into a coma in a matter of minutes if you get it wrong. But back to your question… the 10g carb rule is somewhat a general rule and one that illustrates that you have maybe read a few articles and then decided insulin is for you. It’s so much more complex than that. But IGF1 works well with insulin because insulin increases the half-life of the IGF in your body. BUT, IGF1 makes insulin MUCH MORE potent, which is why people say that it isn’t a good combination for hardly anyone, let alone a novice. Taking 3iu’s of insulin with IGF1 is like taking 6! Many bodybuilders who have taken both can attest to this fact.

Here’s a good guide to follow:

IMPORTANT / CRITICAL – Post Insulin Nutrition

Humalog – Workout days only

  • 8IU’s immediately post workout, intramuscular

Immediately after Humalog injection:

  • Injection + 5 minutes – drink shake with 10g glutamine / 10g creatine / 55g dextrose (7 grams per IU of Insulin)
  • Injection + 15 minutes – drink shake with 80g of whey isolate protein in water
  • Injection + 60 – 75 minutes – eat a protein / carb meal with 40-50g of protein, 40 to 50g of carbs, NO FATS (you may wish to add another whey isolate protein drink with this meal)

Avoid fats for 2-3 hours for Humalog IM

for 3-4 hours for Humalog subQ

for 4-5 hours for Humulin-R.

Always keep some glucose tablets or other simple carbs on hand (Orange Juice, Full sugar Coke, etc.) for the active window of your insulin. Hypo symptoms can and will hit hard and fast and you will have little time to react. This is the main danger of insulin use. Be prepared because Arimidex is a good.

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