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    Napsgear NapsGear: Stay Fit Throughout The Holidays

    Don’t let the hustle and bustle of the holidays get in the way of your fitness goals. Learn how you can stay on track and reach your fitness objectives. The holidays are a time when many people set resolutions to get fit and healthy. But often, these good intentions fall by the wayside due to...
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    Napsgear NapsGear : Ready…Set…Sweat! New Year’s Resolution Fitness Guide

    This New Year, make a commitment to health and fitness. Learn the basics of starting your own workout routine and get ready to sweat with these helpful tips! So you want to get fit this year? Great! But before you can even think about starting your workout routine, there are a few things you...
  3. yourmuscleshop

    Being Fit Is Good

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    YOURMUSCLESHOP How To Stay Fit and Manage Your Weight Through The Holidays

    How To Stay Fit and Manage Your Weight Through The Holidays Holiday weight gain is the most common real problem facing Americans. According to the National Institute of Health, the average American gains about 1 to 2 pounds over the winter holidays. They stay at that weight for the next...
  5. A

    hello :) NEWBIE

    Hey, my name is Alexa I live in Scotland with my husband and my cat I am looking to start getting fit and healthy but also maybe have some mussels I am 4 "11 my body fat is 48.5% water 40.8% and my weight is 79.2kg :tread::dj:
  6. Metal85

    Boxer briefs question, bc why not.

    OK fuck it this is the Barbershop & "General conversation" may as well be called Barbershop. Which boxer briefs can you wear that fit your waist that don't ride up into your package & ass crack as if you were wearing a fuckin G-string? Serious question. Hanes used to be good to go but they...
  7. Presser

    Anyone think we could use a technology/ electronic forum

    I was thinking we should add one back to the site. We had one long time ago and it seemed out of place here but now days between wearable devices. fit apps, VPN services and such I think maybe it's time to bring it back?
  8. Presser

    New MuscleChemistry Social Community Software POLL?

    Please Vote On New Social Community / Network Platform For MuscleChemistry HELP ME PLEASE..... I would like the communities opinions on the demo software I have linked below. Its the Full Suite Of Basic Apps We Might Buy to run MuscleChemistry with. Its not just a forum but rather rather...
  9. Presser


    I would like the communities opinions on the demo software I have linked below. Its the Full Suite Of Basic Apps We Might Buy to run MuscleChemistry with. Its not just a forum but rather rather it’s an entire social networking platform with a lot of good 3rd party plugins . The DEMO LINK...
  10. drtbear1967

    Training Heart Smart

    by Matt Weik Those who exercise regularly generally do it for weight management reasons. Many forget how important it is to train in such a way that it improves cardiovascular functioning (heart health). Heart disease is our nation’s number one killer and is something many of us can prevent...
  11. L

    MF Meals

    Anyone try the Mega Fit prepared meals. Got some on order. Hope it's good as Jay Cutler says.
  12. drtbear1967

    Does you training partner affect you workouts?

    We all know that there are different kinds of people with regards to sociability and the “need” for social interactions. This can quite easily be seen in the gym. Do you see yourself as a lone wolf or a social creature, buddying up with everyone you see? Maybe you are somewhere in between. Jonas...
  13. drtbear1967

    The Secret to Fitness Success

    <header class="entry-header">The Secret to Fitness Success (That’s Not Useless Crap)by Nia Shanks </header> <!--[if lt IE 9]><script>document.createElement('audio');</script><![endif]--> If you’re anticipating a quick-fix, too-good-to-be-true promise, prepare to be disappointed. If...
  14. Presser

    Canadian Bodybuilding Discussion forum

    I was asked about advertising Canadian Advertising Recently and Forums Section For Canada. Anyone who wants to lease out this section and run it themselves as they see fit, contact me. The entire Canadian Section is for lease. This is a sample forum
  15. Presser

    New Design Muscle Thredz Pictures. Many FREE Giveaways HERE & NOW!

    Below are some of the new designed logos and graphics for "Muscle Thredz" and the new Silver/Shiny, Metallic Laser Print is just that "NEW" for me to work with , which means some VERY SMALL FLAWS on them so they cant be sold, but they can be given away to members so you guys...
  16. E

    Jean/denim jackets?

    This time of year, a jean jacket is often exactly the right thing for a motorcycle ride. For YEARS, I have worn Lee jean jackets. My current one is probably at least 10 years old and getting raggedy. My wife ordered me a new one, same size (Large) - I will not address the reduced weight gabric...
  17. Iron Game

    Married Fit Couple: IFBB Bikini Pro Oemil Rodriguez & NPC Competitor Francisco Cardona

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  18. drtbear1967

    Defy the Meat Head Sterotype

    Defy the Meat Head Sterotype by Cade Thomas Bodybuilders have a way of turning off the general public. Whether it be other members in the gym or people at the grocery store, the reactions are not always positive. Depending on where you live and the general activity level of the citizens, it’s...
  19. Iron Game

    Projecting Your Insecurities

    by Geoff Roberts The concept of out of shape “normal” individuals giving fit, in shape people a hard time about their lifestyle is nothing new. Any person who takes care of him or herself on a daily basis via going to the gym consistently and choosing to include or exclude certain food choices...
  20. drtbear1967

    Fit and Fat Shaming - This Needs to Die. Now.

    <header class="entry-header">Fit and Fat Shaming – This Needs to Die. Now. by Nia Shanks </header>Warning! You’re entering a rant zone. I rarely do this but could no longer remain silent with this particular issue. You’ve been warned. Befuddled. Confused. Annoyed. Maybe even a little...