1. 3J

    Tax Return Sale is Back! Huge Savings!

    Aright kiddos, summer is just around the corner and its time to hunker down and get ripped. Why not do it with the help of 3Js Nutrition Networks online diet and training coaching? Since your wallets are full of uncle sam's tax return money, im going to run a nice sale on all my coaching...
  2. Presser

    More Credit card Fraud! This shit is RICH!

    So ive ranted how in the last year i have gone through 5 or 6 new cards over credit card fraud, and dipshits stealing my info likely through scanner readers So today, i check the account of a brand new credit card i have and 2 fraud charges, i call card company and they are fucking useless...
  3. 3J

    Tax Season Sale! 3Js online nutritional/training coaching

    Its tax season!!! Why not spend some of that uncle same money on bettering your nutrition and making that next cycle count!!! Gain lean weight, lose fat while minimizing muscle loss. Let 3J personally coach you through the whole process!!! For the rest of march, the 6 month 500 dollar...
  4. W

    new guy

    hi I'm a 32 year old male...been training awhile now but curious about very new to forums and dont know best tips would b nice and just hope i can learn from this website
  5. 3J

    Exclusive MC member and guest only deal!!! ANNOUNCING THE FEBRUARY 3JS NUTRITION NETWORK EXCLUSIVE DEAL!! Alright guys, youve been talking and I've been listening. It seems that you guys really love my 6 month special so i am bringing it back for all of February!! The usual price for 6 months is 500 dollars...
  6. Mountain_Man

    Pct-shop offering Oman and Norma amps

    At specail prices till February the first contact me pushtoday or website for details
  7. 3J

    3Js Nutrition Network before and after pics!

    Here are some recent before and after pics of my clients. If interested in a customized diet and training program please feel free to email me at [email protected] website: - - - Updated - - - - - - Updated - - - 20 week contest prep...
  8. Presser

    Huge Discounts For Buying BULK! 1 Week ONLY!

    Dear member, DO YOU WANT DISCOUNTS FOR BUYING IN BULK? For 1 week only we are offering heavily reduced pricing to everyone on ALL of our bottled products! Syntherol - $100 USD – Minimum order of 10 bottles Synthetine - $45 USD – Minimum order of 10 bottles...
  9. Jozifp103


    Our already low priced GRAY TOPS, have gotten even cheaper! Check the website to see our new LOWER PRICES! For the quality of these generics, this price pretty much robbery. Check the website and take advantage :)
  10. Y

    website troubles?

    Can't seem to get on the site is it down?
  11. cloudstrife1218

    Is AAA's website down?

    I can't seem to get into AAA's site. Anyone know if its down?
  12. charliebigspuds


    FDA-APPROVED DRUGS KILL A MILLION AMERICANS PER DECADE! THE FDA IS A ROGUE CRIMINAL AGENCY Jon Rappoport May 18, 2012The day of the Smoking Gun has arrived.The discovery of a page, on the FDA’s own website, proves the FDA is fully aware that:the drugs it certifies as safe have been...