Fred Smalls Video - Training Heavy Injury Free.

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Fred Smalls Video – Training Heavy Injury Free.

When you are trying to transform your body by adding mass or building strength – you run the risk of injury due to the insane amount of stress you are putting on your body. Yes, form and focus are key to preventing most injury – but accidents do happen – and sometimes injury can come over prolonged periods of time due to the simple fact that you are pushing your body past its limits.

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That’s why Fred “Biggie” Smalls breaks down some key ways to avoid injury in both the short term and the long term. He provides some key advice that you might not be thinking about and brings your entire training regimen into the big picture to make sure you stay injury free so you can continue to train and progress in the gym without long break periods. 

Learn everything you need to know by watching the full episode above!


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