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Jennifer Lopez Has A Bodybuilding Doppelgänger And She Is Absolutely Ripped

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With numerous film roles and music albums on her resume, Jennifer Lopez  is one of the most recognizable faces in the world. However people are getting her confused with bodybuilder Janice Garay, and the resemblance between the two is stunning.

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From the moment Garay first started appearing on Instagram’s Explore tab, she started getting comparisons to J-Lo. Onlookers could not help but note the similarities in their facial features and style, and made sure that it was something they made known to her.

For the most part Janice, a bodybuilder from Houston that also happens to be in a relationship with IFBB Pro Patrick Moore, does not mind these comparisons. Speaking in an interview when she first started gaining popularity in 2017, she explained just how surreal it was to have these comparisons.

“It was just normal selfies I had taken in my restroom and people were assuming that I was Jennifer Lopez, commenting ‘Are you J-Lo?’ No…I’m Jay from Houston!” Garay said.

“It’s been pretty crazy. I never expected it to go this extreme, but it’s an amazing feeling.”

On the flip side of that, these comparisons are not always made in a kind or lighthearted way. Sometimes she receives flack from people who accuse her of trying to mimic Jennifer Lopez for attention.

Of course, Janice does her best to ignore these trolls and haters, but sometimes it gets difficult. She really looks to make a name for herself, separate from appearing to look like the actress.

“I appreciate everyone who stands up for me with all this negativity going around, I see your comments trust me I just don’t have the time to reply back to everyone to say TY, but now I’m telling all of you🙏🏾💓!” Garay wrote.

“I want everyone to notice me for my dedication An hard work for bodybuilding not some “want to be jlo” that people claim of me to be . Even thow, I do have the most respect and love for Jennifer Lopez , people who know me know I admire her An look up to her ever Since the movie Selena came out.”

The similarities between these two’s appearances is undeniable, but there is more to Janice Garay than that. She has not competed since 2017, but she is still a regular fixture at the gym and various shows, even if it just in support of Patrick Moore.

It is a crazy sight to see her and Jennifer Lopez side-by-side, and note the way they look alike. Regardless of that, Janice is quite the impressive athlete.

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