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King Kamali Details The Most Impressive Bodybuilding Physique He Had Ever Seen In Person


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King Kamali describes the shock and awe of seeing Ronnie Coleman weighing in at 320 pounds.

While it’s understood by nearly all bodybuilding fans that Ronnie Coleman is a legend unlike any other in the sport, it’s hard to separate the myth from the bodybuilder. For many younger fans, they can only see pictures and video of his prime physique. But to see him in person is a different beast entirely. Even more so, to see him in person when no one had preconceived notions of what to expect must have been earth shattering. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, King Kamali describes the awe inspiring moment of seeing Ronnie Coleman in person.

King Kamali doesn’t hold anything back when it comes to his opinions in the sport of bodybuilding. It’s part of his appeal. Beyond being a great bodybuilder in his own right, his commentary on the trends in the sport or fascinating. That’s why during our video conversation, we decided to ask him what was the most impressive physique he had ever seen in person.

His answer, while not surprising, goes into detail on what it was like to see Ronnie Coleman in person. It was a time when he wasn’t a bonafide legend yet. Now with history, his iconic status is a given. But to imagine seeing him push the boundaries of the human physique in real time… it’s just unfathomable.

For those who were too young to experience this first hand, King Kamali’s story of seeing Ronnie Coleman guest posing at the Body Rock Classic is a fascinating tale. It removed all doubt from his mind – this was a Mr. Olympia champion. This was a man who deserved every single amount of praise that he received.

It’s rare that an athlete comes into a sport that is so universally praised. Athletes like Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, and Babe Ruth. Ronnie Coleman is part of that ultimate list. Sure, there will always be contrarians, but the sheer power of his physique has never been matched since.

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