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Let Shawn Rhoden Compete At 2019 Mr. Olympia Petition

Bodybuildings Biggest Contest of The Year Needs Its Biggest Bodybuilders!

Let Shawn Rhoden Compete At 2019 Mr. Olympia Petition

String The Man Up By The Balls If He Is Guilty! But Until Then I Say Let Him Earn A Living!

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2019 Mr. Olympia Contest
Let Shawn Rhoden Compete











This petition is to join forces and show AMI (American Media Inc) that we want Shawn Rhoden, the defending Mr Olympia Champion, to be allowed to compete at this year’s Olympia.

Shawn was banned from competing at the 2019 Olympia because of some accusations and AMI, a couple hours after these accusations became public decided to ban Shawn Rhoden from competing at the Olympia this year. A right he earned for life after winning the 2018 Mr Olympia. A choice absolutely unfair which sabotage Shawn’s preparation and would cost him a consequent loss of income.

Even worst, this decision from AMI (American Media Inc) goes against Human Rights and the presumption of Innocence which should consider Shawn Rhoden innocent until proven otherwise. This is why this petition was created, to restore Shawn’s right to compete and let him defend his title and pursue his preparation at least as long he hasn’t been prosecuted for these crimes.

Join us and sign this petition to restore Shawn’s right of being considered innocent until proven guilty and allow him to compete in the 2019 Mr Olympia and defend his title he earned after a decade of competing at the highest level.

Thank you

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