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Liver King Fires Back At Joe Rogan’s Steroid Claims With Blood Test (Sort Of)

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The Liver King takes a “blood test” to prove he is natural to Joe Rogan.

The Liver King has finally decided to clear the air about Joe Rogan’s steroid comments by taking a blood test to clear his name… in a satirical online sketch video. Podcast titan Joe Rogan and bodybuilding influencer Liver King have been beefing for most of 2022. The reason? Joe Rogan believes that there is no way that Liver King can be all natural. For his part, Liver King has held strong denying all steroid use allegations – usually with funny videos.

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The Liver King natty or not question has long been in debate for the past few years as he gained prominence on social media. But things really turned to a head when Joe Rogan mentioned Liver King on his podcast. Rogan is a vastly influential podcaster who is often criticized for his off-handed comments that have either offended individuals, minority groups, or been accused of spreading misinformation.

So when the Liver King was mentioned on Joe Rogan’s podcast – it took the natty or not argument to a whole new level of public discourse. Rogan, for his part, believes that there is no way his physique can be achieved all-natural. Liver King has refused to admit he is anything but all-natural. He believes in the “ancestral approach to living” based on nine tenets that he applies to his daily life. Essentially, he believes in living off the land to achieve true physical and psychological mastery. His approach and personality has garnered him 1.6 million Instagram followers.

While Joe Rogan does not know Liver King personally, he is well versed in MMA, bodybuilding, and fitness. So he is pretty confident when he clearly claimed that Liver King “got an ass filled with steroids.”

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Liver King had already responded by simply stating the was a freak of nature. A unique individual capable of more naturally than many can do even on steroids. But it seems that his original comment was not enough. Which is why he filmed a video after he took a blood test to prove his natural status.

Of course, this being the Liver King, the blood test was fake and the video was simply a joke to gain more attention off of the entire controversy. In either case, it’s an entertaining video that might give you a chuckle. You can watch it below:

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