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Marjorie Taylor Greene Does CrossFit Training For ‘Covid Protection’

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It goes without saying that there are a vast number of differing opinions of the coronavirus pandemic. Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene recently found herself in some hot water for sharing her thoughts on the matter.

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Greene represents the Republican Party for Georgia in Congress, after being elected in the 2020 elections. She is an avid supporter of former president Donald Trump, and has been a vocal proponent of various conspiracy theories.

Her most recent views saw her sparking controversy on social media, this time revolving around her views on the current global pandemic. It all began with a post to her Twitter, which ended up going viral and dominating the social media platform on Thursday.

Congresswoman Greene shared a video of herself doing some weight training in the style of a CrossFit workout, combining overhead presses and pull-ups. However what got people’s attention was her saying that doing this would protect her from catching COVID-19, while advocating for the firing of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the President’s chief medical advisor.

This is my Covid protection Flexed biceps

Flexed biceps


It’s time to #FireFauci”

Naturally, this resulted in a lot of pushback on Greene and her sentiments. Several people responded to her, admonishing her for claiming that working out would do anything to prevent a virus from infecting her, promoting ideas that go against the accepted standards.

In response, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene followed up her video with a tweet to better explain her position. She said that while she recognizes the heartbreaking amount of deaths from the coronavirus pandemic, she maintains that a healthy lifestyle will help protect anyone from getting sick in general.

“Since this is trending:
1. Yes being healthy through training and lifestyle, I trust my immune system as my Covid protection.
2. For those confused on my pull-ups, these are called butterfly pull-ups. Sometimes I do strict and sometimes I do butterfly,” Greene said.

Very sadly over 500,000 people have died in the US from #COVID19, and we all want to keep everyone safe.
But over 30 MILLION have survived Covid!
We we know that risk factors include obesity. As a former gym owner, I helped many lose weight and get healthy again.

If we want to protect people, then we also want to discuss health solutions that move people from being in the risk group to no longer being in the risk group.
Healthy eating and exercise is good for our minds, body, and spirit.
And it brings good health for all.”

While Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene brings up some good points about healthy diets and exercise being an important part of avoiding getting sick, it is also worth noting that there are perfectly healthy people and even athletes who have caught COVID-19 and had severe cases with some resulting in death.

This is obviously a very touchy subject that will forever be debated. It is unfortunate that someone in her position is using her platform to promote such a controversial viewpoint.

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