Nicotine Pre Workout Enhances Muscle Concentration


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  1. Nicotine stimulates the release of catecholamines, which helps to burn body fat.  Study here and here.
  2. Nicotine activates uncoupling proteins in mice, mitigating obesity.  Study here.
  3. Nicotine increases leptin (hormone that inhibits hunger) in rats.  Study here.
  4. Nicotine stimulates skeletal muscle mTOR (pathway of growth). Study here.
  5. Nicotine is a nootropic (enhancing cognitive function).  It has been shown to significantly improve working memory in rats.  Study here and here.
  6. Nicotine suppresses appetite.  Study here.
  7. Nicotine combined with caffeine further suppresses appetite.  Study here.
  8. “One milligram of nicotine has a pronounced thermogenic effect (increasing metabolism), which can be increased by approximately 100% by adding 100 mg caffeine.”  Study here.The Pre-Workout Stack

Recommended doses:

  • Using nicotine gum or lozenges, consume 1-2 mg at times you want increased cognition, suppressed appetite, and enhanced metabolism.  For me, this is in the morning during mentally taxing work and/or pre-workout.  I’d advise not consuming more than 4 mg per day.  Some bodybuilders like Ben Pakulski only consume it a few times per week.  Experiment yourself.

Note:  Much of the research on the downsides of nicotine come from smokers (who have super high doses of nicotine daily).  Taking 2-4 mg per day isn’t likely to cause the same issues.  Among 22 smokers, “Daily intake of nicotine averaged 37.6 mg (+/- 17.7, SD) but varied widely among subjects (10.5 to 78.6 mg)”.  Study here.

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  1. I know i posted some studies on cognitive performance on nicotine , it was just written tests, but still it was pretty dramatic. I know i see a lot of info out there now on nicotine as a pre workout supplement.
    problem with nicotine is that it's addictive. this why it is so hard for smokers or tobacco users to quit. i tried to quit many times over the years, until finally i managed to. it's been 7 years now since i've had anything with nicotine. i'm not missing it, though i get an urge now and then.

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