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Roelly Winklaar Less Than Peak Performance At Arnold

Dennis James Critique Video Post 2019 Arnold Classic - Rest Roelly Rest

Roelly Winklaar
Arnold Classic 2019 Top 6


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Roelly Winklaar Less Than Peak Performance At Arnold Classic 2019. This was Evident to everyone in attendance as well those close to roelly leading up to the show. Many have opinions on why Roelly Winklaar was not in peak condition, but only a few of those opining matter. Dennis James Obviously being one of the few   “In The Know” who’s opinion matters sent out this video critique below:


Roelly Winklaar Less Than Peak Performance At Arnold Classic 2019


MuscleChemistry members and readers might remember it was just a few months back when we pushed out one of our corner stone articles on “Roelly Winklaar Fading back Into Olympia Contention” 

But with a showing like this at the Arnold Classic, many of us our reevaluating our 2019 Mr. Olympia Top Picks and Contenders.


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  1. I was definitely disappointed in ROELLY's physique, although he's made major improvements in the last few years, he took a step backward at this years ARNOLD.
    With that said though I believe in ROELLY and know he will eventually put it all together and take that top spot.

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