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Roelly Winklaar Physique Fading Back Into Mr. Olympia Contention

Roelly Winklaar Physique Fading Back Into Mr. Olympia Contention at 41 Years Young

Just a couple years back the notion of Roelly Winklaar potentially winning the Mr. Olympia competition was one of pure fantasy. While Roelly may have cut an impressive form on stage, he was finding it hard to compete against the Phil Heaths and Shawn Rhodens of the world. No one thought that Roelly Winklaar would make it into the top three at an Olympia show.

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That was until the 2018 Olympia.

Roelly Winklaar returned to the Olympia stage with a vastly improved physique, one that put the entire bodybuilding world on notice. With a tapered waist and a jacked and shredded form, Roelly Winklaar proved that he could hang with the top of the division, many believing that he was able to outshine former Olympia king Phil Heath.

Now after placing third at the 2018 Olympia, the hype train is in full effect and Roelly Winklaar isn’t missing the opportunity to prove that he can be the king of the Open Weight division. It’s the off season so that means Roelly is hard at work looking to improve his physique and this video demonstrates that fact nicely.



Roelly Winklaar

Place of Birth: Curacao

Leagues: IFBB

Competition Weight: 230

Off-Season: 285

Age: 41

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