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Ryan Terry: How To Prepare For Long Distance Travel Before A Bodybuilding Competition

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Ryan Terry shares the tips and tricks of preparing for long distance travel without ruining your bodybuilding diet and retaining too much water.

Ryan Terry is a pro bodybuilding competitor in the United Kingdom. Due to this – he often has to travel long distances for the biggest competitions of the year. The Arnold Classic and the Olympia, two of the biggest bodybuilding shows each year, both are held in the United States. This creates a mandatory 10 hour flight for Terry anytime he wants to compete at a major show.

This kind of long distance travel does not fit in with the structure needed for the daily bodybuilding lifestyle. When trying to look perfect for a competition – one 10 hour flight can throw off your peak timing right before a show. So how does a pro bodybuilder prevent disaster before appearing on stage? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Ryan Terry breaks down his tactics for maintaining the necessary bodybuilding diet during long distance traveling before a competition.

It can’t be emphasized enough, a pro bodybuilder runs his or her body like a well oiled machine. Just like a machine, or say a car engine, everything must be kept in perfect condition to prevent issues down the road. This comes down to a daily level for bodybuilders – especially during the final weeks of contest prep. One wrong move can throw off peak timing. This means the athlete’s physique is off and a year of hard work is thrown out the window.

So when it comes to travel, a long flight can be a death knell for a pro bodybuilder right before a competition. Unfortunately, many pro bodybuilders must travel, sometimes across the globe, in order to compete in the best shows of the year. This is certainly true for Ryan Terry – who must usually travel at least 10 hours via plan to arrive in the states. During our video conversation, we asked for his personal tactics on maintaining his pinpoint diet and training alongside a flight throwing a wrench in traditional daily planning.

Ryan Terry acknowledges that a long flight can be disastrous for a bodybuilder. The 10 hours sucks up any time he could have been training and food options are limited. Also – staying seated on a flight for 10 hours can build up water retention in the body. This is the worst thing that can happen to a pro bodybuilder right before a show. That’s why Terry works backwards from landing in the United States – and plans out every single step of his travel plans well in advance.

It’s important to arrive early before a show – so that any problems that arise can be dealt with once settled in the competition location. Beyond this, Ryan Terry plans out his meal prep and his actions after landing off the plane by the minute. He looks up where nearby grocery stores are that fit his diet needs (usually Whole Foods), and plans out his trip step by step. He knows when he will land, when he will arrive at the grocery store, when he can get his first training session in a nearby gym.

By working backwards, he can then plan out the necessary meals to bring on the plan with him. Know if he needs to squeeze in a meal right before getting on a flight. He ensures that he eats the right kind of food to avoid water retention on the flight as much as possible. If it sounds like a lot – that’s because it is. The day of traveling requires the laser focus of a bodybuilder diet cranked up to 11.

You can watch Ryan Terry break down his travel prep in even more detail by watching our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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