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LGD 4033 – MK-2866 – S4 – Gw 501516

Originally Posted On : July 13, 2018 Published By : SarmSciences.com

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I’ve written this thread like 4 times so let’s hope it goes through this time. Background- I cut my AAS by 2/3 and added in IGF and started rotating SARMS like I’ve always wanted. I wasn’t getting much of anything from the higher doses and I was going through it too quickly. I was relatively certain I could keep my size from 200 mg of test, Deca, and EQ especially with IGF and the SARMS. What I didn’t expect was the gains! I got leaner, stronger (which hasn’t happened in several years) and just felt really good. These are my observations.

IGF-1 lr3

Ligandrol and S4. This was STRONG. Very hard to believe it wasn’t dbol. I did hold a little water, but only I could tell. This combo is crazy strong. I did notice differences in my eyes ability to adjust from varying degrees of light. It was weird, but nothing that was a big issue.

Ostarine by itself.. very good for hardening. I also continued to get stronger but not as quickly as the Ligandrol and S4. To be honest guys I’ll likely never do higher AAS again. This combo works better for me than triple the AAS dose.. and I’m sick of sticking myself. I haven’t seen alot of reviews of stacking these things with AAS and I’m sure the IGF helps with the synergy, but I’ve done IGF and AAS for years… the MC SARMS are legit. I would rank them a little behind IGF, but WAY ahead of the GH peptides. Including stacking several as I have done for months straight in the past. I’m not sure why there isn’t more talk about these. Perhaps people haven’t gotten good quality stuff?? I can guarantee you guys won’t regret giving them a shot.

Silk has done the same, but I’ll go more into that when I post her progress pics. For those of you looking for something for your girl and don’t want needles or virilization this is the answer!!

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