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Sonita Muluh (+84KG) Raw Squats 4.5 Kilograms Over the IPF World Record In Training

Super heavyweight powerlifter Sonita Muluh was part of an epic +84-kilogram squat battle at the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) 2023 Classic World Championships (CWC) in Malta.

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The squat world record was broken four times at that event between Muluh, many-time world champion Bonica Brown, and the eventual winner, Brittany Schlater. Although Brown squatted 289 kilograms (637 pounds), she did not score a successful deadlift and had to forfeit the squat world record. That left the record to Muluh with an impressive 285.5 kilograms (629 pounds).

Muluh hasn’t shared much of her training since the 2023 CWC. She mentioned on her social media that she had injured her back. However, on Nov. 17, 2023, Muluh posted footage of a huge raw squat single of 290 kilograms (639 pounds) — 4.5 kilograms more than her current IPF world record and half a kilo heavier than Brown’s top squat from the 2023 CWC. Check out Muluh’s training lift below, courtesy of her Instagram page:

Muluh performed the lift in a power cage for safety, using the support of knee sleeves, a lifting belt, and wrist wraps. Many powerlifters use wrist wraps due to the strain on the wrists when performing a heavy low-bar squat.

The squat itself was controlled. Muluh did not seem to struggle with the weight at all, as her depth was on point. That was further evidenced by a second view of the lift from an alternate angle, posted by Muluh’s gym in the video below:

This squat represents 4.5 kilograms (10 pounds) more than Muluh’s current IPF raw world record. She will compete next at the European Powerlifting Federation (EPF) European Classic in Tartu, Estonia, on Dec. 12, 2023. It appears as though she is in range of the squat world record, at least. Whether she takes that attempt is another story.

Muluh is not overly challenged at the European Classic. Her nearest rival’s nominated total is more than 90 kilograms (198 pounds) behind her. However, the 2024 Sheffield Powerlifting Championships are only nine weeks later, and there is a £5,000 (approx. $6,300) bounty on IPF Open world records at that event.

Whether Muluh will use the European Classic to demonstrate her true potential and break some records or keep her powder dry for Sheffield 24 remains to be seen. Either way, she will be the one to watch in Estonia live on the EPF YouTube channel.

Featured image: @sonita_ml on Instagram

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