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Why I like Testosterone Propionate More Than Enanthate and Cypionate?

Why I like Testosterone Propionate More Than Enanthate and Cypionate?

            Ask every steroid user what is the best anabolic and you will get dozens of options. In part, some of them may converge, but generally, everyone may think differently about one and the same steroid. What worked great in one individual, may turn into total fail in other. We […]
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Testosterone Propionate Cycles solo cycle

Testosterone Propionate Cycles solo cycle

        When it comes to bodybuilding, fat burning, and improvement in strength, the testosterone propionate is first name that comes into our mind. There are so many synthetic anabolic steroids in the market used by bodybuilders. Also, not all of them contain testosterone in the adequate amount. Testosterone compound is available for a bodybuilders to improve endurance and performance. Irrespective of your favorite testosterone, make sure the base compound of your steroid cycle is testosterone. The reason is to improve the overall health benefits and reduce the health challenge that comes with the use of steroids as a bodybuilder. It is something everyone needs to take seriously to avoid falling victim to the health challenges. Other side effects associated with the use of a steroid for sports and bodybuilding.
Testosterone Enanthate and Cypionate
           Testosterone Enanthate and Cypionate have reduced the popularity of Propionate. These are the steroids available in the market today, such steroids are known as “Performance Booster”. There are many reasons athletes prefer Propionate over Enthanthate and Cypionate (form of Testosterone compound). One of the reasons is that the Propionate intake results leads towards water reduction in human body. It offers the same health benefits associated with the other two forms.

               More so, there are many other features of the Propionate that made it better and more preferable to the other two mentioned above. The first benefit of Propionate is that it offers users a better opportunity to increase their ability to maintain stability. Also, increases hormonal blood level due to the frequent injections. To make you understand why the Testosterone Propionate is better than other forms, it got FDA approval for the treatment of diseases and other medical issues to men and women. Men with medical conditions get a solution from this compound. Female use of steroids is illegal in most countries of the world.
What is Test Propionate?
        Testosterone comes in different forms, and you need to know the type you want to buy before involving your money. The testosterone propionate is popularly called “Test Pro” to the bodybuilders and other people in the fitness world. More so, the Test Pro is a Testosterone’s esterified variant, and it is becoming more popular than pother variants in the bodybuilding industry. The history of Test Pro dates back to 1935 when it comes in a bid to find out how to maximize Testosterone use. Schering AG is a pioneer marketer of the hormone in the US, and the hormone later became the most popular and widely used Testosterone form until the year 1960s.
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          More so, it is exciting for you to know that Test Pro is released to sublingual forms, which was discontinued due to its lack of popularity.  For some years back, Testosterone is among the three top and most popular steroids. Today, there are many other forms in the market to choose from when one wants to buy. Available in the injectable form, Testosterone is easy to take without much discomfort. These are the reasons one has to take advantage of the product to boost his or her performance in sports and other aerobic activities.
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The Truth You Should Know About Testosterone Propionate
             Due to many health benefits associated with the Testosterone Propionate, it is approved by the FDA for men. The compound is available for men to improve their fitness and bodybuilding industry. So, more people prefer to go for this compound for their bodybuilding benefits instead of other forms available in the market. The base of your steroid cycle should be exogenous testosterone. The importance of this is propionate cannot be overemphasized and is well known to the experienced users.
            However, most new steroid users do think that they can continue to take steroids without the effect of the solo cycle. Some people also believe that they do not need testosterone to manage the solo cycle. What newbie steroid users do not know is that trying to handle their solo circle without making use of testosterone has a dangerous effect on their health in the long run.
Facts about the Testosterone Solo Cycles
              Understanding more about the cycles test for the P solo cycle of your Testosterone before taking it is necessary. It is the mistakes most newbies do make when it comes to the use of the compound. So, before you start to make use of the Testosterone Propionate, you must figure out about the Solo Cycles of the steroid and how to go about enhancing its benefits to your health. As for the Testosterone Propionate, its cycles go from 8 – 10 weeks or as within six weeks.
              More so, do not forget to learn more about the kick-in period of the steroid before going for it as that can determine the result you will get at the end of the day. There is a standard kick-in period for every steroid to the users. It is mostly within 2-4 weeks within the cycles. Your steroid use experience will determine your solo cycle. For those in the beginner and intermediate levels in the use of steroids, there is a dosage for them.  There is an opportunity for the beginner and intermediate users to enjoy the Testosterone Propionate 10-week cycle to get the required result from the compound.
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              The cycle is regarded as the lean mass or bulking cycle base on the expectation of the user. To get maximum results from steroid, maintains a 300mg-500mg user cycle weekly. This cycle should continue until the 10th week. It is essential to be followed by the new steroid user to maintain good health and avoid unnecessary side effects that can impact one’s life. But for the experienced steroid users the recommended cycle for the first eight weeks is from 500mg to 700mg weekly.
Test Propionate Cycles Benefits You Should Know
         Testosterone is a vital hormone in men that helps in the development of men’s sex organs. It is a hormone associated with men, and its deficiency can result in different symptoms, such as a decrease in bone mass, erectile dysfunction, sex drive, and more. The functions of the hormone include:

Muscles and bone development.
Hair growth, deepening of voice and other physical appearance of men.
Sperm production.

            With these enormous benefits associated with testosterone, you can discover the reason it deficiency can spell doom to any man that lacks it in the required quantity. However, the production of testosterone reduces with the increase in age, which made older men often show the symptoms of low testosterone as they get older. Before talking about the benefits of Test Propionate cycles, it is necessary to look at the symptoms or signs of the low testosterone level in men. Some of these symptoms include:

Hair loss.
Erectile dysfunction.
Reduced testicle size.
Decrease in the bone mass.
Decrease in the amount of semen.
Sleep difficulty.
Decrease in muscle mass.
Reduced sex drive.
Low energy level.
Hot flashes.
Sudden changes in mood.
High body fat.

             The presence of these signs is not a good one, which is the reason for the testosterone supplement of different types in the pharmacies.
       To treat testosterone deficiency steroid is the right supplement for it. Adding to the fact that Testosterone Propionate helps users treat their deficiency in testosterone and also feel better with their body, the compound is beneficial to fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and bodybuilders. The Testosterone Propionate cycle will produce its users with many benefits.
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          Some of these benefits you need to know include:
Improve Protein Synthesis
            Protein synthesis helps to improve muscle mass and also assist in ensuring quicker recovery after each round of intense training. You need to understand the need for protein synthesis to know why you need the compound that will help synthesize the protein in the body. It also stands as the main route for the disposal or removal of the amino acids. The activation of the Amino acids is done by adhering to the particular molecules of RNA transfer and assembled using the ribosomes already specified through RNA messenger.
Improve Retention of Nitrogen
           Another importance or benefit of the Test Prop Cycles is the increased retention of the nitrogen. The reduction of the nitrogen content of the body by the Testosterone Propionate is another benefit users stand to gain. It is the benefits that help to boost the available anabolic instead of the catabolic.
Boost the Production of Red Blood Cell
          Red blood cell production is necessary for an increase in performance, endurance, and strength for athletes and bodybuilders.  The Test Pro Cycles helps to boost the production of red blood cells to help the bodybuilders perform better. More so, the production of more red blood cells helps to allow the flow of more oxygen to the body, tissues, muscles, and other organs. That is essential in boosting performance and making long-distance runners cover more distance within a short time.
Glucocorticoid or Stress Hormone Inhibition
            Stress hormones can be dangerous when allowed to grow out of range. It can result in depression and suicidal thoughts, which can be risky for human existence and health. One way to avoid allowing this thing to become a problem is through the intake of steroids. Testosterone propionate helps to inhibit stress hormone or glucocorticoid in the body. There are also oodles of inflammation-related molecules inhibited by Glucocorticoid. Some of them include Arachidonic acid metabolites, cytokines, chemokine’s, adhesion molecules, and more.
            There are many other benefits associated with the use of Test P, which made it the best choice for both beginners and regular users. Knowing what you stand to gain from the use of steroids will make you ready to take it more and benefit from it as you desired. Some other benefits associated with the use of steroid include:

It offers fast results and leaves the body quicker when compare to other esters.
Is useful for muscle gains and cutting cycles.
It is ideal for females and beginners in comparison to the slower esters.

What are the effects to expect when taking testosterone propionate?
          Before going for the Testosterone Propionate, you should take time to research the possible effects to expect in your body. Make sure you understand the reason Test Pro has FDA approval and why many bodybuilders go for it before adopting it as part of your routine for bodybuilding. The truth is that Propionate works faster in the body of athletes compared to other users. Insulin levels and other growth factors increase with a single dose of the Propionate injection into the bloodstream.  Some of the positive effects of this compound you need to know before adopting it include:

Cleans the muscles in groups.
Burn fats faster.
Improve endurance.
Boost strength for workout and recovering time.
Boost sexual desire.

      These are the results associated with the Testosterone Propionate that made it the best for bodybuilders. With a single injection of the hormone into the body, you will get improved performance as an athlete.
The Testosterone Propionate Cycle for Beginners
          When you want to bulk up muscles, gain strength, and also improve your performance during the workout through the use of steroids, you must choose wisely. Testosterone propionate is the best steroids for beginners, professionals, and female bodybuilders. Do not go for the cycle without seeking the recommendation of the medical doctor. As a beginner, it is recommended that you take the ester only within an eight-week cycle at 100mg for two days.
           Also, the minimum dosage for the beginner is 500mg per week and continues with it for the first ten weeks. The recommended minimum dosage will help to introduce the body with the steroid and ensure a balance between the side effects and the results. Adhering to the recommended dosage and cycle duration for a steroid is necessary as it will enable you to get the result you want without having issues with the side effect.
The Recommended Testosterone Propionate Cycle for Intermediate Users
           Do not jump in to make use of steroids when you want to enhance your workout performance, build your muscle mass, and also increase your strength. The intermediate users can get the result they want when they start with a 10-week cycle. At the intermediate level of the steroid use is compound with some other compounds, such as Dianabol and Deca-Durabolin.  So, the Testosterone Propionate dosage should be 500mg per week combined with 25mg per day for ten weeks and Deca. The dosage should be continuing for the first four weeks by taking 400mg per week for satisfactory results.
The 10-week Trenbolone / Test Pro Cycle
          The intermediate steroid cycle can consist of testosterone propionate and trenbolone acetate. Users are expected t inject the compound in their body three times for ten weeks. The breakdown for the use of trenbolone / Test pro cycle should be as follows:

From week one to ten-300mg per week Test Propionate inject 100mg or eod from Monday/Wednesday/ Friday.
From week one to ten – 300mg per week Trebolone inject 100mg or eod within Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday.

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         The cycle mentioned above will enable users to load the compounds in their syringes. In the entire cycle, you should use 0.5mg or eod Arimidex. Make sure you start Post cycle therapy when you are done taking the injection within three days. Also, go for 100mg daily Clomid within the first ten days and go on with the 50mg daily Clomid for the next ten days.

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Find Out About the Post Cycle Therapy for Testosterone Propionate
        After long term use of the Testosterone propionate. There is a need to give the body a chance to recuperate and rejuvenate to the natural state. That is where the post-cycle testosterone propionate therapy comes in. It is the process users go after completing steroid cycles. This process aims to enable the body to start producing the hormone naturally without the use of the steroid. Completing a steroid cycle without backing it up with post-therapy is dangerous. It can lead to dependency on the steroids for the body to function the right way.
          Many people do not know the need for the Post cycle therapy known as PCT.  That is why some people are a victim of side effects that comes as a result of long term use of the steroid.   More so, embark on long term use of steroids to avoid facing the dark side of the product. If you avoid going through PCT, your body will find it challenging to get back to normal, which may result in permanent replacement therapy.
           The time to start the PCT is not definite, as some users will begin immediately they complete the second or third days of their cycle. The length of the cycle determines the start day for the PCT. More so, if you embark on the longer Testosterone Propionate cycle, you may need to longer PCT to bring your body back to the normal. When it comes to the Testosterone Propionate solo cycle, users are expected to start their PCT within the first five days of their cycle completion to ensure its effectiveness. But, when you want to take PCT, there are some results to expect.
The Result to Expect From the Use of Post Cycle Therapy

            There are certain things you need to know when you want to start your PCT after the completion of your steroid cycle. One of the things you should expect when you start your post cycle therapy is that you will not be able to work out as hard as you used to do when you are taking the steroids. Strength reduction is one thing to expect when you complete your steroid cycle and begin the PCT.
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            Although you may not lose your gains when you start to take the PCT. You may feel tired or not pump as you use to do for your workout when you are in the steroid cycle. Therefore, you should have the right mindset when you begin your PCT to enable you to continue to get the right result you expect. Taking it easy on yourself is necessary when you want to go through the process to assist your body to recuperate. Regain its natural form and start production of the hormone.
Where You Can Buy Testosterone Propionate for Complete Cycle
             Getting testosterone propionate is not difficult, as there are many dealers available on the internet. Also, it is among the cheapest or most affordable steroids available in the market today. If you are in the United States, you may find it challenging to get Testosterone Propionate. It is among the illegal steroids when taking without a prescription. Therefore, you should be careful when placing an order for this product with a prescription, as that can cause trouble. But, if you are buying after prescription, get it from the internet without wasting issues.

Final Verdict
           Steroids, such as Testosterone Propionate are popular among bodybuilders and sports enthusiasts. The bodybuilding and fitness industry is the place where Test Pro is used due to the effect of boosting muscle mass and enhancing performance. To reduce the side effects associated with the Test Pro, you should follow up with the recommended dosage and cycle duration base on your experience. It is what you need to boost your workout performance and grow your muscle mass and strength.  To make sure other steroids work in the body without dangerous side effects, get a base steroid.
            The best option for the base steroid is the Test Pro. So, you will be sure of getting the result you need when you take advantage of the Testosterone Propionate cycles as recommended. The PS solo cycle is good, as it helps the body returns to its natural form of hormone production. Take time to check through the Testosterone dosage base on your experience before making purchase online. Also, you should have in mind of the post cycle therapy to ensure your body returns to the normal way of producing hormones naturally.

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