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Tampa Pro Women’s Open Bodybuilding Winner Helle Travino

Tampa pro Womens Bodybuilding ,Fitness and Figure Results

Tampa Pro Women’s Open Bodybuilding Winner Helle Travino

Helle Travino
Helle Travino

1. Helle Travino
2. Pauline Nelson
3. Jannie Lankowski
4. Michela Aycock
5. Silvia Marta
6. Marla Merrithew

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Fitness Results:

Tampa Pro Fitness Winner!
Tampa Pro Fitness Winner!

1. Jenny Worth
2. Marta Aguiar
3. Katrina Wright
4. Michelle
5. Rene Brosch
6. Toni Wheeler

Pro Figure:

Nicole Graham win in the women’s Pro Figure division.

1. Nicole Zenobia Graham
2. Martina Yabekova
3. Lahannah Robinson
4. Julia Waring
5. Autumn Swanson
6. Anjenal Williams


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