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Testolone RAD140 : Ingredients, Benefits, Usage and Side Effects

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Testolone RAD140 : Ingredients, Benefits, Usage and Side Effects

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RAD140 Testolone Introduction

You must have heard of athletes using steroids to build up and boost up their energy levels but steroids come with too many harmful side effects. So people have now been switching to SARMs like RAD 140 Testolone instead. Because why not? SARMs are the safest alternatives to androgenic steroids. And yes, it is indeed a very common thing now.
RAD140 is one of the newest SARMs and is still under research. It is being studied as a potential cure for breast cancer and is also helpful in preventing muscle wasting. Testolone helps in bulking up the quickest. You would not feel easily tired even after exercising for too long.
Testolone essentially requires a PCT due to its vigorous nature though. RAD140 is the strongest and most potent SARM among all the others. With this drug, you can expect the quickest results with lower doses itself.
Now the question arises – What exactly is SARMs? Why use them instead of steroids? How to use Testolone and do they come with harmful side effects? Let us dive in but before we do we would like you to take note that most reviews on Testolone is based on what users say. This product is still under research so we do not have many scientific proofs to back them as of yet.

What is SARMs?

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators or SARMs help in selectively targeting the androgen receptors and functioning differently on each of them. This selectively and specificity helps get us desirable outcomes and with reduced harmful side effects like that of anabolic steroids which involves damage to the liver, shrinking of testicles or growth of hair at not normal places in males and females. SARMs functions are similar to that of steroids. It is the property of selectivity that makes a huge difference.
If you are wondering what androgen receptors are, let me explain you here. Our bodies release androgens namely testosterone which control the growth and development of secondary sexual organs. It is also secreted in females in very less quantities to act as a precursor to produce estrogen.
The androgens bind to the androgen receptors and play an important role in maintaining the male skeletal composure. When we use SARMs, these mimic the role of the androgens and binds with the receptors instead. Thus, giving us our desired results.
It is important to note that SARMs are not approved by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) as of yet. Yes, SARMs are illegal. People who buy SARMs usually get the bottles under “research purposes” and are ready to go with it. But hey, do not worry too much. SARMs do not have detrimental side effects like damaging any of your organs and in fact are speculated as being a potential cure for prostate or breast cancer and saves you from muscle wasting and thinning.
The most common complain about SARMs are reduction of the natural levels of Testosterone in body and nausea, both of which gets normal after a PCT. Anyway, people keep using SARMs for body building and when you are gonna do it, it is always better to go for something with lesser side effects and with proper awareness of what to expect.


RAD 140 - Testolone

A study conducted by researchers at University of Southern California in Los Angeles, found that Testolone is much safer than testosterone replacement therapy and an other study in 2011 of February proofs that RAD140 SARM helps in increasing the lean mass to a great extent.  This is due to its property of selectively targeting the androgen receptors in muscles.RAD140 is currently being researched by a pharmaceutical industry called Radius Health.
RAD140 is the strongest SARM out there and the closest to being similar to steroids minus the hazardous side effects. So you can expect a drastic change in your body, gaining a lot of lean or dry mass whilst burning away the unnecessary fat from your body with proper usage and dosage. No other SARM is comparable to Testolone’s strength. You might now be curious to know if this potent drug is suitable for a beginner. Yes, it absolutely is! But you will have to strictly go with the recommended doses and leave the experimenting to people who have experience with SARMs for a longer time.
Of course, you can too but let your body start adjusting with smaller doses in the beginning. With just the correct amounts of this product, gaining 8-10 lbs in a matter of 6-7 weeks is aN easy task. Such is the effectiveness of RAD 140. Bodybuilders look for a drug that has a higher anabolic: androgenic ratio because such drugs imply they are good for putting on the dry lean mass. Testolone has a ratio 80:1, thus making it a suitable product for bodybuilding.
Though introduced only in the late 2000s, due to its effectiveness, Testolone RAD140 gained popularity in the bodybuilding industry and among the athletes real quick. Also, it is much safer than steroids, which helped it with its fast-growing popularity.

Testolone RAD140: Pros

The following are the pros of using RAD140:
  • Effectively boosts your testosterone levels significantly.
  • Does not have steroidal effects.
  • Huge improvements in muscle mass and muscular strength.
  • Protects the brain against age-related damage.
  • There is no health risk to your organs.
  • Produces high stamina and energy levels.
  • Helps in fat burning and loss on weight.
  • No side effects under the recommended dosage.

Dosage: How to use Testolone RAD140

The Testolone RAD140 dosage varies from people to people. Beginners are advised to take 8-10 mg for 6-8 weeks. While some says Testolone’s half life is relatively lesser, some say it is 15-16 hours. It is always better to play it safe, so we would advise you to take only a single dose each day. You can divide the dose and take it little by little throughout the day. Bodybuilders with experience take up to 20 mg for about 10 weeks. You are not supposed to be using RAD140 for more than 10 weeks most definitely. After using it for longer periods, your body starts wearing out. You start feeling extremely tired and exhausted and would not wish to go to gym anymore and oh, you start getting aggressive. Real aggressive. So before you wish to start hitting random men on the road, it is time you start your RAD140 PCT cycle.


Stacking 10 mg of RAD140, 5 mg of Lingadrol LDD-4033 and very small amounts of Nutrobal MK-677 is a perfect formula for bulking up. It helps strengthening your muscles, gaining lean muscle weight and also helps burning fat so can be used for cutting to an extent too. Using this for just 8 weeks can guarantee you 10 lbs of dry lean mass. This is a great development! This is the reason our team totally love this stacking combination! We personally find this SARMs stack the best one out there.
An other alternative you may go for is 10 mg each of S23 and Testolone and 20 mg of Nutrobal MK-677. Using this stack for 8 weeks gives you the result you desire. Any stack consisting of MK 677 helps you in gaining extra muscle due to the growth hormones in Nutrobal. Thus, making any stack with Nutrobal exceptionally good for bulking.
We highly recommend beginners to go for the first stack mentioned owing to its relatively mild nature.
For cutting, we would recommend stacking 20 mg of Ostarine MK-2866 and 10 mg of Cardarine GW-501516. Cardarine helps in burning fat while Ostarine helps in retaining the muscle mass and also making your body look increasing sharp and not just simply swelled up.

Post Cyclic Therapy (PCT)

Though not even close to being as bad as that of steroids, Selectively Androgenic Receptors Modulators do have some side effects. Suppression of the natural testosterone is something many may experience (some people do not have side effects). In addition, Testolone increases the aggressiveness and by the end of the SARMs cycle, you might start feeling totally exhausted. Now to get you back to feeling fresh and happy and content with the body you worked hard for, PCT comes to action.
SARMs in general do not require a PCT cycle when the SARM is taken in lower doses. So taking RAD140 in doses of only 10 mg per day won’t necessarily need you to go for a full fledged PCT. But I would definitely recommend an anti estrogen and a aromatase inhibitor. This corrects any disturbances in levels of natural testosterone that might have occurred. Red PCT can be an option since it is made of only natural aromatase inhibitors like Acacetin, Luteolin, Agaricus, Bisporus and Grape Seed Extract.
All of these are obtained directly from plants. But if you are taking higher doses of Testolone, you might want to take 4 weeks of Clomid to suppress the possible side effects. Once you are done with the Post Cycle Therapy and a 3-4 weeks of no pressure, meaning not using any SARMs, you are good to go. You may start with a fresh cycle. This way your body and health is well maintained. Your body keeps looking fresh and well built plus you don’t get increasingly aggressive or have a decline in testosterone production. You are having the perfect body you worked hard for.

Benefits of using Testolone RAD-140

RAD140 has many benefits. It helps in muscle growth in people suffering from muscle degenerative disorders and muscular dystrophy and patients going through chemotherapy. Testolone is used in curing cancers of breast, prostate and cachexia. It is also believed to increase brain cell growth, protecting it from the harmful effects of  amyloid beta proteins, thereby preventing Alzheimer’s disease.
Testolone also increases the cognitive and mental skills. Plus, it also increases the sense of well being, lifting up your mood and making you feel extra confident. Testolone also found its way among bodybuilders and those who are increasingly into fitness. Just the right dose and proper care is going to do wonders to you and your body.

Side effects of Testolone

As of yet, SARMs are not approved by the FDA and are under thorough research.
The most common side effect users complain about is experiencing excessively increased aggressiveness. Plus other side effects include nausea, a little suppression in the natural levels of testosterone, headaches accompanied with short temper, hair loss in both men and women and anxiety. Now, some people even claim that they experience no side effects. So maybe some are more sensitive than others. Nonetheless, after a good Post Cycle Therapy, all of the side effects disappear.
That is why it is essentially important to go for a 4 weeks PCT after every SARM cycles. Also, like everything else, anything in this world is only good in moderation. So going for lower doses of any SARMs would give you a little delayed but safer results.

Testimonials on Testolone by real users

I used to be the only one among my friends who looked so weak and would often get tired too easily. I really wanted to look muscular. I was telling about my problem to this very good friend of mine over phone and he sent me pictures of him looking so built up. I last met him 5 monthsback so I was so surprised. He told me his secret and advised me to use Testolone. This was the best thing I ever did. I have just completed my first cycle and I have gained 8 lbs and I don’t get tired easily anymore. I am so in love with my body now
Big Joe (USA)
I started using RAD 140 around 6 months ago. And i found something special with Testolone. This product is completely different from Steroid. Previously, i tired Dianabol and it didnt went well. Also, i found some negatives using Dianabol. Once i started using RAD 140, i am feeling very healthy and my muscle has taken good shape. Overall, if you want Good muscle, Power, Stamina then better go with RAD 140, instead going for any banned steroids.
Kyle (USA, Louisiana)
I found out about Testolone from the internet and started just with the dose advised- 10 mg – no lesser or more. And I am in my second cycle right now. I have absolutely not experienced any side effects till now. I only see positive results. I think I do lose my temper sometimes but that comes back to normal once I start my PCT. 100% much safer than steroids. 10/10 I would recommend to use Testolone if you want fastest and safest results


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is RAD140 safe to use though it is not approved by FDA?
A. We do not have a scientific proof as of yet to support this but most users, including our team have not noticed any harmful side effects. You may experience aggressiveness and hair fall which usually goes away after a PCT.
Q. Is a PCT mandatory with RAD140?
A. While some might argue that it totally depends on the dosage and that lower doses ranging between 10-12 mg do not require a PCT, we highly recommend a Post Cycle Therapy, no matter the dose you take. This prevents any smaller chances of side effects.
Q. What SARM stack is best for bulking?
A. 10 mg of RAD140 and 5 mg of Lingadrol LGD- 4033 is the best SARM stack for bulking. You may add little amounts of Nutrobal MK-677 too.
Q. Why choose SARMs over steroids?
A. Steroids have many detrimental side effects like damaging the liver, completely messing with your hormonal balance, development of breasts in men and unusual of growth of hair in abnormal locations in males and females. Some of these effects are permanent. But the side effects of SARMs are not even close to being as dangerous as that of steroids. Most side effects caused by SARMS get normal right after a break.


We do know the long term effects SARMs might have on your body so it is best to take only the recommended doses and not a bit extra. It is also advisable to talk to a doctor before trying any of these. Following the right instructions and taking care of your health does wonders to your body. But overdosing will not. Take right precautions and know your body well and only then try experimenting with various stacks.

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