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Tom Stoltman Wins World’s Strongest Man 2021

Tom Stoltman Wins World's Strongest Man 2021

Tom Stoltman victorious in World’s Strongest Man 2021.

It’s official. Tom Stoltman is the World’s Strongest Man 2021 champion. After an exciting and grueling five days, the 27 year old Stoltman was victorious earning the first place prize in strongman. Brian Shaw received second place while Maxime Boudreault finished in third. For Stoltman, this is a step up from his placing last year, where he ranked second at the WSM 2020.

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During the qualifier stage, Tom Stoltman squeaked by – just making it into the top 10 finalists for the last two days. He did so by winning a Stone Off against Mark Felix. Despite the slow start in the qualifier events, Stoltman stood tall during the finals, especially during day one with a sweep of many of the events.

After the first two events in the last day of finals, the World’s Strongest Man 2021 competition was neck and neck between two competitors. Tom Stoltman and Brian Shaw were just one point away for each other – battling for first place. It was clear that the event would come down to the final competition. The energy in the air was electric and audiences were on the edge of their seats.

Tom Stoltman was looking promising in the first day of the finals – but didn’t bring in his best showing during the day two finals events. Despite this, he was able to hold onto his lead and earn himself the first place victory. The first two events of the day, the Log Lift and KNAACK Deadlift, left Stoltman just one point ahead. The gap had closed significantly putting lead in jeopardy.

Ultimately, this didn’t matter. Stoltman came in strong on the final event, the Atlas Stone Medley, and placed first place – putting all questions to rest and earning him his champion status. In the end, it seems, the close call simply made for a dramatic and exciting photo finish.

You can read our entire breakdown and recap of the World’s Strongest Man 2021 finals right here to get more of a play-by-play of the two-day events.

You can also see a brief recap of Tom Stoltman’s performance in each event below.

2021 WSM Qualifying Stage

  • Loading Medley — 4 in 49.69 (First place)
  • Deadlift for Reps — 8 reps (Tied for first)
  • Train Push — 37.83 (Third place)
  • Overhead Medley — 4 in 38.02 (Third place)
  • Pickaxe Hold — 36.90 (Third place)
  • Stone Off — Defeated Mark Felix with 5 stones

2021 WSM Finals Stage

  • Giants Medley — 18.36 (First place)
  • Titan’s Turntable — 46.89 (First place)
  • Keg Toss — 7.5 meters (Tied for second place)
  • Max Log Lift — 185 kilograms (Tied for ninth place)
  • KNAACK Deadlift — 8 reps (Tied for third place)
  • Atlas Stones — 5 stones in 20.21 (First place)

This performance earned Tom Stoltman the title of World’s Strongest Man 2021. He is now the 23rd athlete since the inception of the competition in 1977 to be dubbed champion. You can get more updates and news coverage on all things strongman, strength sports, and bodybuilding right here at the Generation Iron Fitness Network!

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