Training Over 40 On Testosterone TRT – HRT

January 17, 2019
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Training Over 40 On Testosterone TRT – HRT

Author: Ben Presser
Ph.D. P.E.D. Kinesiology
Intramuscular Injection Certified

As you age, the body is more susceptible to injury so several things need to change with your training. This especially holds true for those of us over 40 years old who are using some type of performance enhancing steroid. Exogenous Hormones like Testosterone will make you stronger to the point where your tendons and ligaments at your age aren’t up to the task like your muscles are when it comes to lifting heavier weight. This is how many injuries occur.

  • Warm up the muscle your about to train with light weight doing the exercise your about to begin. Do not stretch! Stretching is good if your about to play basketball or any other sport where you dont want your muscles full of blood, but you are about to train, and hopefully hard! So slowly fill that muscle with blood doing light reps on the exercise your about to pound out!


  • Reps & Sets Per Exercise. I am a huge proponent of going to failure on every set. This means we do not count reps every set! However once your workout begins (post warm up) your rep range to failure shouldnt feel like 20 reps, nor should it feel like 4 reps. Another words dont go to heavy nor too light! Your failure should always be between those two numbers depending on what set your on.This brings us to the next point, How many sets do I i do per exercise? Not counting your one to two warm up sets, you should do anywhere from 4-5 sets per exercise.


  • Free weights or Machines? This depends on whether your over 40 and just starting out in the gym, or are you over 40 and a seasoned veteran. If your just now starting out, I suggest machines until you get acclimated with your routine and in tune with your body. Seasoned lifters who have now just hit that milestone birthday can obviously continue to use free weights, though i suggest when training through an injury that you use machines. Stabilizer muscles are the first to weaken as we age and these are incorporated much more when we use free weights than when machines are used. So to minimize the risk of tearing a muscle tendon from the bone or destroying your ligaments I highly suggest machines when training through a slight injury.


  • Form , as we age whether were seasoned lifters or not, our bodies arent as limber or forgiving , so be conscious of your form at all times! So in terms of your form, there is only 1 Rule, and its the golden rule. If your form is off while performing any exercise than the weight you are using is simply too heavy for you! Period!


  • Recuperation, whether your a total lifting novice or not it doesn’t matter, we all do our growing when we rest! For those of us now over 40 years old, we are going to need to do one of two things to recovery fully between workouts.
  1. Longer rest period between training days.
  2. Less exercises per muscle group and/or less sets per muscle group during training sessions. This way you can still take advantage of a full recovery while still being able to maintain the same workout schedule. This is especially holds true for the vets as we tend to be creatures of habit which quite honestly is what makes you a vet in the first place!

Cardiovascular Training (CARDIO) Over 40 & On TRT – HRT

You must do cardio once you hit your prime, prime being 40 years old , lmao. Whether or not your a seasoned weight lifter or a new comer to the working out scene, you must now start doing cardiovascular work! Your metabolism isnt what it once was, and if you want to keep the fat off this is a must! Further more your heart needs it at this time in your life more than ever! This is especially so for the guys on Testosterone or other forms of Hormone replacement therapy. The heart is a muscle , testosterone grows muscles, including the heart.

It may sound a bit counter intuitive, but an enlarged heart doesn’t mean just because its larger that it must be stronger at pumping the blood. NO it means it has to work harder to pump blood throughout your body efficiently, to achieve this we will need to do cardio. Otherwise your outer extremities will begin to start getting cold or tingling sensation which means theyre numbing due to blood flow not being ample in that area of the body! Out Extremities being your toes, your fingers, and yes YOUR COCK! Try fucking without ample blood flow to your penis! And for those of us on Testosterone Therapy, this means our desire (horny) is way way up, but try as you will, try as you might, your dick just wont get tight!

So I suggest after training you get on the Bike, the step Climber, or Treadmill ! DO NOT tell me you get enough cardio in through how you train weights in the gym, or because you do super sets, or drop sets, or very little rest between sets and sweat your ass off enough. That is a Young Mans Answer, NOT YOURS!


The Benefits Of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Topical Gels Versus Testosterone Cypionate Injection



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Some of the more popular Hormones Used Men Over 40

Steroid Cycle for Men Over 40:
Testosterone cypionate 300 mg/w
Nandrolone Decanoate 300 mg/w
IGF 1 lr3 50mcg ED
Adex 0.5 mg EOD
hCG 250 iu EOD

Steroid Cycle for Men Over 40:
Testosterone enanthate 300 mg/w
Adex 0.5 mg EOD
IGF 1 lr3 30mcg ED

Steroid Cycle for Men Over 40:
Testosterone Cypionate 400 mg/w
Anavar 50 mg/d
IGF 1 lr3 50mcg ED
Adex 0.5 mg EOD
HCG 250 iu EOD


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