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Viral Fitness Challenges: UFC Fighter vs Bodybuilder!

UFC star Stephen Thompson and bodybuilder Houston Jones try out viral fitness challenges.

Viral fitness challenges are all over the internet these days. These challenges are so prevalent in fact that they have caught the eye of UFC fighter Stephen Thompson and bodybuilder Houston Jones. Both men have caught the viral challenge bug and look to see who can come out on top as the fitter man.

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Houston Jones is a self proclaimed human punching bag. There’s no doubt that he is an expert at taking terrible punishment. Jones is serious about his bodybuilding, almost as serious as he is about putting himself through torture.

There you can see UFC welterweight Stephen Thompson dishing out some punishment to Jones. Thompson, a karate blackbelt and undefeated kickboxer, knows a thing or two about throwing some powerful kicks. Thompson is virtuoso in striking, so Jones allowing himself to be kicked by the man is either very brave or potentially very foolish.

It may be safe to say that Houston Jones is a bit of a masochist. He clearly revels in taking punishment and doesn’t seem to be slowing down whatsoever. And Thompson being a UFC fighter isn’t shy about giving out some punishing strikes to a training partner.

A New Challenge

Now it seems that both men are challenging themselves, this time in a more (semi) conventional manner. Stephen Thompson and Houston Jones decided to try out some viral fitness challenges to prove their mettle. Both men battle to see which can win at these challenges on a whole. To see them compete in these challenges, check out the video below.

What do you think of Stephen Thompson, Houston Jones, and their fitness challenge journey?

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