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Watch the first callout from the Olympia 2019 Men’s Physique prejudging

Ryan Terry, Brandon Hendrickson, and Andre Ferguson

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Men’s Physique is an interesting division due to just how many competitors enter in competition every single year. Perhaps it’s due to a more obtainable sized physique (though this is not a knock on the hard work put in – these guys are beasts in their own right), but the amount of pro athletes in the Men’s Physique division are massive. This means it’s harder to stand out from the crowd.

Yet here we are at the Olympia 2019 where the best of the best in this division get to step on stage and fight for the ultimate trophy. With the likes of Ryan Terry, Brandon Hendrickson, and Andre Ferguson all in the lineup among other very talented individuals – this is are first glimpse into who might end up in the top 5 during tonight’s finals.

Williams Fitness has put together a video showcasing the first callout from the prejudging comparison round. Who stood out to the judges enough to get called into this first lineup? Find out with the video above and let us know who you think will land the Olympia crown in the Men’s Physique division.

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