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Wellness Bodybuilder Chloe Pickford Shares How to Build “Whammy” Quads 

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IFBB Pro League Wellness bodybuilder Chloe Pickford secured her pro card in 2022 and will make her professional debut in 2024. The English athlete chronicles her debut preparation on her YouTube channel, providing a glimpse into her workouts.

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On Feb. 17, 2024, Pickford published a video featuring her quad training at the UltraFlex Gym Derby comprised of:

Pickford’s Quad Workout

Before hitting quads, Pickford warms up with several sets on the ab crunch machine — she trains abdominals twice weekly. Additionally, she tags delt training to her quad day to balance out weaknesses in her physique. See Pickford’s quad growth tips below: 

A week and a half into her professional debut preparation, Pickford has already shed over two and a half kilograms (5.5 pounds). She’s cut her calorie intake by 400-500 and walks at least 10,000 steps.

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Pickford trains legs four times weekly, saving quad training for separate days. Pickford has to prioritize a more developed lower body as a Wellness athlete.

Machine Leg Extension

Pickford says it’s essential to engage the quads when performing the leg extension; she’s not just moving the weight, but rather using the weight to stimulate the tension on her quads.

Pickford thinks of each rep in two points: point A (knee flexion) to point B (knee extension). She pauses when fully contracted at the top of the concentric and moves slowly through eccentrics to maximize tension on the quads.

45-degree Leg Press Machine 

Pickford wears knee sleeves during leg presses, lowering the weight as far as possible without overstressing her joints.

The goal is to go deep…to get as much knee flexion as possible.

Pickford has noticed significant leg development since incorporating pause reps into her programming.

Pendulum Squat

Pickford executed pendulum squats by grasping the secured straight bar for support. This exercise involves performing a squat on a platform angled at 45 degrees.

Compared to the standard barbell squat, the pendulum squat allows for a greater range of motion while placing less strain on the knees and lower back. As such, more knee flexion can be achieved, and, therefore, more quad stimulation.

Smith Machine Bulgarian Split Squat

Pickford used a box to get into a split stance to perform Bulgarian split squats on a Smith machine. She cautioned going to failure as there is some difficulty getting out of the position safely and could lead to injury if done improperly.

Machine Lateral Raise

Pickford slowly lifted the machine lateral raise, keeping her arms as straightened as possible. Her arms ascend above parallel to the ground for full medial delt engagement. When Pickford’s range of motion diminishes due to fatigue, so continues with partial reps to failure.

Per Pickford, if an athlete is serious about competing in the Wellness division, they must dedicate over a year of prep before stepping on stage, citing the rationale that the division demands more muscular development than other divisions like Bikini.

You have to commit to a two, three, [or a] four-year off-season. That is the reality of the sport.

Pickford ends her training session with posing practice. Pickford expects to compete in four pro shows in her pro bodybuilding debut year, with plans to compete in Toronto, California, and Portugal to get a wide variety of judges critiques

Featured image: @chloepickford_ifbbpro on Instagram

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