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2023 Europa Pro Bodybuilding Show Results: Regan Grimes Wins Men’s Open Title

The 2023 Europa Pro bodybuilding show took place on Sunday, Sept. 17, in Alicante, Spain, and featured nine IFBB Pro League contests. The main event was the Men’s Open competition, where Regan Grimes beat out Nathan De Asha in a close contest. Tim Budesheim of Germany rounded out the top three. Grimes — along with the other division champions — earned qualifications to compete at the 2023 Olympia Weekend on Nov. 2-5 in Orlando, FL.

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2023 Europa Pro Bodybuilding Show Results

The final placings for all nine contests are listed below, courtesy of the IFBB Pro League website. It’s important to note that a Fitness division competition was scheduled but did not take place. No reason was given for its absence.


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Men’s Open

  1. Regan Grimes (USA)
  2. Nathan De Asha (UK)
  3. Tim Budesheim (Germany)
  4. Theo Leguerrier (France)
  5. Roman Fritz (Germany)
  6. Pablo Llopis (Spain)
  7. Volodymyr Byruk (Ukraine)
  8. Jan Turek (Czech Republic)
  9. Dorian Haywood (USA)
  10. Liang Yan (China)
  11. Simone Bassanelli (Italy)
  12. Jonathan Padilla Gonzalez (Mexico)
  13. Maik Ciesla (Germany)
  14. Dennis Reinhold (Germany)
  15. Mark Joyce (United Kingdom)

Tied for 16th

  • Khaled Al Kazem (Kuwait)
  • Ali Jalil Naser Al-Zarqani (Iraq)
  • Giovanni Azpeitia (Mexico)
  • Andrea Bolzoni (Italy)
  • Robert Burneika (USA)
  • Mikhail Maslov (Russia)
  • Artem Pakhniuk (Russia)
  • Tomas Tabaciar (Slovakia)
  • Antonio Valero Tuinenburg (Spain)

212 Bodybuilding

  1. Oleh Kryvyi (Ukraine)
  2. Marco Ruz (France)
  3. Francisco Barrios Vik (Brazil)
  4. Dobromir Delev (Bulgaria)
  5. Dean White (United Kingdom)
  6. Tomas Tabaciar (Slovakia)
  7. Ayat Najd Baghri (Iran)
  8. Cesar Oyarce Auladell (Chile)
  9. Pedro Navarro Delgado (Spain)
  10. Asmawi Zolkifli (Malaysia)
  11. Florin Dogaru (Romania)
  12. Vincente Santamaria (Spain)


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Classic Physique

  1. Wesley Vissers (The Netherlands)
  2. Jose Maria Mete Bueriberi (Spain)
  3. German Pastor (Spain)
  4. Roberto Martinez (Spain)
  5. Ruben Lopez Reyes (Spain)
  6. Zhivko Nikolaev Petkov (Bulgaria)
  7. Miguel Malimo (Mozambique)
  8. Esteban Smith (Spain)
  9. Valeri Enchev (Bulgaria)
  10. Thomas Kunz (Switzerland)
  11. Patrik Herczik (Czech Republic)
  12. Sam Mikaelsson (Spain)
  13. Victor Toledo Pardo (Spain)
  14. Pedro Ferreira (Portugal)
  15. Eduardo Clocchetti (Italy)

Tied for 16th

  • Jabor AlKuwari (Qatar)
  • Eric Castagnet (France)
  • Philipp Jendreiek (Germany)
  • Ali Khan (Afghanistan)
  • Fernando Gornals Margol (Spain)
  • Luis Garcia Martinez (Spain)
  • Jack Eagles (UK)

Men’s Physique

  1. Sidy Pouye (Spain)
  2. Ali Bilal (Denmark)
  3. Adeyemi Awoyemi (United Kingdom)
  4. Isaac Francis (United Kingdom)
  5. Mohammad Ali (Austria)
  6. Febo Gambacorta (Italy)
  7. Alessandro Cavagnola (Italy)
  8. Happy Edodo Oguieva (Spain)
  9. Alvaro Rios Del Coa (Spain)
  10. Tunde Hassan (Ireland)
  11. Youcef Djoudi (France)
  12. Aryan Ali (Germany)
  13. Giuseppe Riserbato (Italy)
  14. Ali Jafar (Kuwait)
  15. Nikolay Rashkov (Bulgaria)

Tied for 16th

  • Thomas Igor Williams Boumsong (Spain)
  • David Hammond (United Kingdom)
  • Marcos Iglesias Garcia (Spain)
  • Ali El Khtabi (France)
  • Ruben Marques (Portugal)
  • Jaime Maso (Spain)
  • Hashem Mohammed (Saudi Arabia)
  • Toby Owen (United Kingdom)
  • Isaias Paez Martinez (Mexico)
  • Kenny Privet (Switzerland)
  • Alessio Sbizzera (Italy)
  • Abel Souza (Spain)


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Women’s Bodybuilding

  1. Chelsea Dion (USA)
  2. Viktoria Knysh (UAE)
  3. Jacqueline Fuchs (Switzerland)
  4. Julia Foery (Switzerland)
  5. Virginia Sanchez (Spain)
  6. Ivana Dvorakova (Czech Republic)
  7. Lisa Kudrey (Canada)
  8. Cristina Arellano Goy (USA)

Women’s Physique

  1. Karina Goncalves (Spain)
  2. Caroline Alves dos Santos (Brazil)
  3. Sarah Bradley (United Kingdom)
  4. Emila Balkova (Bulgaria)
  5. Joanna Romana (Spain)
  6. Marina Kassinopoullou (Cyprus)
  7. Kerstin Telker (Germany)
  8. Tatiana Bulut (Turkey)
  9. Anastasia Papoutsaki (Greece)
  10. Alessandra Patricia Da Silva (Italy)
  11. Laura Pyszora (United Kingdom)
  12. Mar Ruiz (Spain)
  13. Alida Opre (Hungary)
  14. Uta Kohler-Spitzbart (Germany)
  15. Petra Osterwald (Switzerland)

Tied for 16th

  • Maria Ethel Heredia Appa (Spain)
  • Fay Simone Ellis (England)
  • Lena Frenkel (Israel)
  • Modesta Halby (Denmark)
  • Nancy Jones (UAE)


  1. Gabriela Linhartova (Czech Republic)
  2. Paula Ranta (Finland)
  3. Arya Bahar (Germany)
  4. Anna Kohckar (Ukraine)
  5. Nadine Claudia Huber (Germany)
  6. Lauren Green (United Kingdom)
  7. Rejoice Godwin (Spain)
  8. Susana Serrano (El Salvador)
  9. Stella Miliani (United Kingdom)
  10. Katja Nowak (Germany)
  11. Carolina Fernandez (Spain)
  12. Olena Mykhailiuk (Ukraine)
  13. Silvia Cuartero Martinez (Spain)
  14. Svitlana Ivanina (Ukraine)
  15. Pamela Colombo (Italy)

Tied for 16th

  • Mari Carmen Alvarez (Spain)
  • Magui Alejandra Parra (Spain)


  1. Valerya Fedorenko (Ukraine)
  2. Chantal Hill (Spain)
  3. Lisa Reith (Germany)
  4. Ottavia Mazza (Italy)
  5. Kristina Brunauer (Austria)
  6. Marisa Woo (USA)
  7. Rania Stamatiadou (Greece)
  8. Angela Valenzuela (Spain)
  9. Giuditta Taccani (Italy)
  10. Noora Mahonen (Finland)
  11. Lorena Blanco (Spain)
  12. Regina Tan (Singapore)
  13. Patrizia Vaccaro (Italy)
  14. Jessica Feeney (Ireland)
  15. Noemi Cosentino (Italy)

Tied for 16th

  • Solidea Bellia (Italy)
  • Vivienne Kahl (Bavaria)
  • Jessica Kavanagh (Ireland)
  • Samantha Minshull (United Kingdom)
  • Sarah Neuheisel (Germany)
  • Renata Nowak (Poland)
  • Jule Schwabe (Austria)


  1. Sandra Colorado Acal (Spain)
  2. Klaudia Vanessza Csuri (Ukraine)
  3. Paula Dominguez Garcia (Spain)
  4. Nerilde Garcia Strey (Brazil)
  5. Charline Mas (France)
  6. Lexy Oliver (Italy)
  7. Debora Boff (Brazil)
  8. Anna Mroczkowska (Poland)
  9. Caroline Espin Salcedo (Spain)
  10. Paula Fernandez Lopez (Spain)
  11. Lisa Steele (Italy)
  12. Celandine Holenweg (Switzerland)

Men’s Open Winner Regan Grimes

The Men’s Open competition was highlighted by a rematch between Grimes and Nathan De Asha, who defeated him at the 2023 Flex Weekend Pro one week prior to this contest. Grimes got the better of this matchup, and he is now qualified to compete in the Mr. Olympia as a result.


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There is no official word on whether Grimes will shift his focus to the Olympia or if he will try to keep other men out of the Olympia lineup by competing in other shows. Only show winners advance to the Olympia Weekend at this stage of the season. Tim Budesheim rounded out the top three in the Men’s Open division.

212 Bodybuilding Winner Oleh Kryvyi

Oleh Kryvyi was the clear winner in both the prejudging and the finals, and he made short work of the rivals in the 212 division. He will return to the 212 Olympia contest, where he hopes to overtake defending champion Shaun Clarida.

Runner-up Mario Ruz looked better than he ever had in this show, but he was relegated to second place. The bronze medal went to Francisco Barrias Vik of Brazil.

Classic Physique Winner Wesley Vissers

Some fans speculated about whether Wesley Vissers was gambling a chance at the Olympia by making his 2023 debut so late in the season, but he called his shot and made the most of it.

Vissers won the Classic Physique title and has qualified for the Olympia for the fourth straight year. He had all first-place votes on the scorecards, making him the clear winner over Jose Maria Mete Bueriberi, who placed second. German Pastor took third.

Men’s Physique Winner Sidy Pouye

Sidy Pouye was the only men’s champion from the host country. He took the Men’s Physique title, marking his third win of the season. As a result, no Olympia qualification was awarded for this division. That means runner-up Ali Bilal, third-place finisher Adeyemi Awoyemi, and the rest of the lineup will have to find another show to win before the qualifying cutoff date of Oct. 9. 

Women’s Bodybuilding Winner Chelsea Dion

The Women’s Bodybuilding show marked the 2023 debut of Chelsea Dion, and like Vissers, she seized her opportunity and won the contest to qualify for the 2023 Ms. Olympia show. Dion hopes to place higher than her ninth-place finish in 2022.

Viktoria Knysh took silver in this show, which was the highest finish of her three-year career. Third place went to Jacqueline Fuchs of Switzerland.

Women’s Physique Winner – Karina Goncalves

Karina Gonclaves had finished third in this contest in 2022, which was her pro debut. She returned to this stage with the win on her mind, and that is exactly what she got. She is now eligible to make her Women’s Physique Olympia debut thanks to her first career win.

Caroline Alves dos Santos had already qualified for the Olympia thanks to winning the 2023 Mr. Big Evolution Pro show, but she had hoped to keep another competitor out of the Olympia. In spite of the second-place finish, her Olympia qualification is safe.

Figure Winner – Gabriela Linhartova

The Figure division champion was Gabriela Linhartova, who earned her first professional victory. She now joins her twin sister, Tereza, on the list of Figure Olympia athletes. Paula Ranta and Arya Bahar rounded out the top three in this contest.

Bikini Winner – Valerya Fedorenko

Valerya Fedorenko, the only Ukranian competitor in the Bikini division show, took the win in a one-point decision over runner-up Chantal Hill. Lisa Reith rounded out the top three in what was her 10th show of the 2023 season.


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Wellness Winner Sandra Colorado Acal

The 2023 Toronto Pro Wellness winner, Sandra Colorado Acal, claimed her second win of the season — and she did it in her home country. The 2023 Wellness Olympia marks her debut on the biggest stage in the sport.  

Thanks to this win, no other Olympia qualification was issued. The second-place finisher was Klaudia Vanessza Csuri, and taking third place was Paula Dominguez Garcia.

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