2023 Shaw Classic Updates: New Competitor, Arm Wrestling Matches & More Revealed By Brian Shaw

May 25, 2023
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The 2023 Shaw Classic competition is growing in anticipation, as it is set to be a truly historic Strongman show for multiple reasons. For one, this will be the final pro Strongman contest for the 4x WSM Brian Shaw, who is also the host of the eponymous contest. However, in a new update video posted on YouTube, Brian has revealed some new information about the 2023 Shaw Classic. This includes the change of the lineup and the addition of arm wrestling matches to the show.

Firstly, Brian Shaw revealed that the 2023 Shaw Classic will be more than just a Strongman competition, but instead an Expo. This will increase the enjoyment of all visitors, as they will have the chance to meet some celebrity figures.

“The Expo is going to be amazing. There’s been a lot of work that’s been put into this. We are going to have a ton of guest speakers that are going to be presenting for free. So, this Expo is for free on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. A couple of the confirmed guest speakers are Ed Cohen, Joe Kenn, and Jujimufu. The list is going to be long. We’ll have male and female speakers.”

Addition Of Grip Events & Arm Wrestling To 2023 Shaw Classic

The next thing Brian Shaw addressed was the tedious pause between Strongman events and how he plans on utilizing that time. So, he has two ideas, first one being an addition of two grip events, one on Saturday and the other on Sunday. In addition, elite grip athletes will come in specifically to perform these two events and entertain the fans while Strongmen rest.

“Between these strongman events at the Shaw Classic, people are hoping to have a little bit more entertainment. So, we have listened to that. I’ve had these different ideas, and I feel like we’re going to test them out. So, number one, we’re going to have two different grip events. We’re going to have a bunch of ‘grip experts’, guys that are very high level in grip, come in and compete in two different events. So, one on Saturday and one on Sunday.”

However, grip events on their own are not enough to fill out the repertoire for two days of competition. So, Brian is organizing two major arm wrestling matchups with some big names from that scene. The names are not known yet, as they have not officially been paired, but Brian hopes to satisfy both Strongman and Arm Wrestling fans. In addition, he predicts that this will be the biggest arm wrestling event so far in terms of live audience.

“We are going to add arm wrestling this year. So, this is going to be something new. The goal is to have two different matches. One on Saturday as a part of the contest, and one on Sunday as a part of the contest. So, I’m working on everything on the back side of that and then getting the matches actually confirmed because we want to have really competitive matches that are entertaining, exciting, and hopefully appeal to all of the Strongman fans that will be there in attendance, as well as everybody from the arm wrestling world as well. To my knowledge, this will be the biggest live audience that has ever watched an arm wrestling match in person.”

Graham Hicks Replaced by Pavlo Kordiyaka

Going through the actual Strongman portion of the 2023 Shaw Classic, Brian Shaw revealed that Graham Hicks will not appear. He was originally named as a part of the roster, but he has since withdrawn. An incredible replacement has been found for him, as the 2023 Europe’s Strongest Man, Pavlo Kordiyaka, will step in.

“One update to this list is that Graham Hicks has pulled out of the contest. So, he will not be competing, unfortunately. To take Graham’s spot, we have confirmed Pavlo Kordiyaka. Amazing performance from Pavlo this year at the World’s Strongest Man.”

Reveal of The Final Competitor For The 2023 Shaw Classic

In addition, when Brian Shaw originally revealed the lineup, he confirmed fifteen athletes and left one pending. That was because the sixteenth and final competitor was not able to confirm his arrival at that time. However, he has now been given the green light and Brian revealed that the man in question was Mateusz Kieliszkowski. The Polish Strongman has had an incredible start to his career, but has unfortunately encountered a lot of setbacks during the past few years.

“In the sixteenth spot, we have Mateusz Kieliszkowski. So, Mateusz is confirmed now. What I will say is that he is having some treatment done on his knees. That was his biggest concern about confirming for this contest. He ended up kind of tweaking both of his knees with the stone throw event at the Arnold Classic this year. So, that was unfortunate. He is getting treatment on them, he feels like he’s going to be ready to go.”

Finally, just as a precaution, Brian Shaw has revealed who the reserve for the 2023 Shaw Classic will be. He has gone for Gavin Bilton who got his first International victory just a few days ago as well.

Watch the video here:

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2023 Shaw Classic Full Lineup

Brian Shaw is excited and optimistic about the upcoming 2023 Shaw Classic, hoping that it will attract a large and enthusiastic audience, making it a sold-out event. This competition will take place on August 19-20. So, there is still time to prepare. However, although it is just the fourth edition of the show, it seems that it will be one of the biggest contests this year.

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