69-yo Hulk Hogan Shares Incredible Body Transformation & Fitness Tips

May 25, 2023
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American wrestling icon Hulk Hogan, real name Terry Gene Bollea, is widely regarded as one of the most prolific and iconic wrestlers to ever exist. Having started his pro career in 1977, he was a mainstay of elite promotions for decades before retirement. In a recent Men’s Health interview, Hogan shared crucial health tips that helped him achieve an incredible body transformation at 69 years old. 

Hulk Hogan rose to prominence after joining the World Wrestling Federation (WWF/WWE) in 1983. He instantly became a fan favorite due to his giant frame, patriotic character, and brash personality. His athletic talents inside the wrestling ring earned him several honors, including eight headlining spots for the annual WrestleMania event. He holds the record for the most American television viewers in pro wrestling with over 33 million people, a feat he accomplished in a special 1988 fight against Andre the Giant. 

Hogan briefly stepped away from wrestling to test out the waters in other entertainment fields. He joined the cult classic boxing film franchise Rocky for the third installment. His role saw him play an antagonist named Thunderlips and used this endeavor to make an even bigger splash in the acting world. He made his way back to the WWE after getting reinstated into the Hall of Fame in 2018 and made his last appearance at WWE Raw is XXX show earlier this year.

The famous wrestler picked up many injuries during his time in the ring. Hogan underwent multiple back surgeries along with hip and knee replacements. In 2020, Hogan took inspiration from Ronnie Coleman who faced similar health issues. He called on the bodybuilding legend for a charity tag team wrestling match. The eight-time Mr. Olympia was so thrilled by the idea that he issued a response video urging Hogan to make it happen.

Chris Hemsworth played the role of Hulk Hogan in a biopic based on the wrestling hero, which is currently in development. In 2020, the Marvel superstar revealed he would need to add more muscle to his lean frame. Hogan took notice of Hemsworth’s dedication and expressed admiration for the actor’s jacked arms with a favorable comment in 2021.

Hogan left fans in awe of his leaner physique in an impressive update in Nov. 2021. He opened up on dropping over 25 pounds to get down to 275 pounds after suffering a string of health issues. While the change was quite drastic, he appeared to be in good spirits. 

Hulk Hogan shares incredible body transformation & tips

During the interview, Hulk Hogan showed off his incredible body transformation at the age of 69 and shared tips for health maintenance. 

Hulk Hogan had been taking drugs to compensate for the pain stemming from an estimated 25 surgeries in the past decade. He revealed his health began to improve significantly after he cut down on alcohol and started using CBD products instead, which enabled him to train regularly.

For Hogan, consistency is important to maintaining a high level of personal fitness. Besides alcohol, Hogan also stopped consuming dairy and no longer eats after sunset. Additionally, he follows a clean diet and doesn’t eat eggs every day. He now lives up to one of his most popular catchphrases: “Say your prayers, eat your vitamins.”

“I initially started dropping weight because I didn’t have the extra calories from drinking, and I had taken dairy out of my diet,” Hogan told Men’s Health. “These days, I try to eat really clean. I’ve kind of gotten away from the typical “eggs every day” diet—I only hit the egg whites every three or four days. In the mornings I’ll hit the yogurt and fruit, drink a couple cups of organic coffee, and get a workout in. Then I’ll eat a small amount of protein at lunch time. I try to eat every three or four hours, then have a slightly larger meal at four or five o’clock in the afternoon.

“But I have to be careful at night, because I turn into this monster…I just want to feed the beast! So I tend not to eat after the sun goes down.”

The 69-year-old is feeling three decades younger and says he has enjoyed a considerable energy increase along with a mindset shift after transforming his body. In Jan. 2022, Hogan made headlines for offering his four essential rules of life while boasting jacked biceps.

As far as inspiration is concerned, Hogan isn’t short on that in the slightest. The professional wrestling superstar still lives by a mantra and long-standing philosophy: “If you slow down, you go down.” Therefore, the 69-year-old doesn’t miss an opportunity to test himself in the gym despite his age and nagging injuries. 

In the end, Hogan encourages those who follow him to remain regimented and strict with workout frequency. As a former professional wrestling legend, he is uniquely qualified to speak on the matter given the body he’s sporting at almost 70. 

Four months ago, pro wrestling veteran Kurt Angle disclosed that Hulk Hogan lost sensation in his lower body after undergoing numerous back surgeries. Angle further shared that Hogan used a cane to walk and endorsed him to kick off the celebrations for the 30th anniversary of WWE’s Raw.

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Hogan’s latest offering will certainly motivate the older and younger generation alike with some crucial tips from the legend that help shape a healthy lifestyle.

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