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America’s Strongest Man 2021 Results

America’s Strongest Man 2021

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Get all the results you need here for America’s Strongest Man 2021!

With the 2021 America’s Strongest Man contest coming to a close, the results are in and the title of America’s Strongest Man has been handed down. After what was a great event presented by Big Country Classic and promoted by Strongman Corporation, Strongman competitors came from all over to test their strength and battle for that top spot. San Antonio was an amazing host and this year’s event could not have proved to be any better.

Strongman Corporation covers and promotes all things related to Strongman with the goal of providing quality Strongman competitions for the public while being fair to every competitor. Committed to raising the bar and holding only the best and most fair competitions, Strongman Corporation honors their promise to members with reliable and genuine information to put the sport in the spotlight it deserves.

America's Strongest Man

America’s Strongest Man Event Recap

With six total events this year, competitors were able to compete in four divisions: HW Pro Men, MW Pro Men, Elite MW Men, and Elite HW Men. These strongmen grabbed their chalk, strapped on their lifting belts, and competed in these six grueling events:

  • Texas Power Concepts Fingal Fingers
  • Rogue Log Clean and Press for Reps
  • Cerberus Max Bag Toss
  • Cerberus Sandbag Carry and Load Medley
  • Deadlift For Max
  • Texas Power Concepts Texas Stone Carry

Those Athletes To Watch

Coming into this event, Marcus Crowder, the defending champion, was certainly one to watch. (Maybe fill in how he did). Another athlete, and one looking to join the pro circuit, was Josh Silvas, a native Texan competing in front of a home crowd. Despite not being a pro, he is an elite competitor and showed that this year. (Maybe fill in how he did). In the 105k class, we noted that Nick Cambi and Tommy Sharp would be ones to watch, and these two definitely put on quite a show. (Maybe fill in how they did).

America's Strongest Man

America’s Strongest Man 2021 Results

We at Generation Iron stayed on top of the entire competition to bring you these results in what proved to be an exciting and competitive America’s Strongest Man event. As Strongman grows ever more in popularity, the sport has seen a rise in coverage and competitions, something those in the Strongman community are more than excited about. The more attention brought on means more competitions leading to more competitors and ultimately, more public interest, thus making Strongman an even more sought after sport.

Here are the results for America’s Strongest Man 2021.

America’s Strongest Man 2021 Overall Results

  • First place – John Silvas
  • Second place – Tyler Cotton
  • Third place – Marcus Crowder
  • Fourth place – Wesley Claborn
  • Fifth place – Thomas Evans
  • Sixth place – Justin Kealhofer
  • Seventh place – Stanley Carradine
  • Eight place – Brian Clark
  • Ninth place – Alan Colley

America’s Strongest Man 2021 (105kg) Overall Results

  • First place – Nicolas Cambi
  • Second place – James Deffinbaugh
  • Third place – Jeffrey Lee
  • Fourth place – Tommy Sharp
  • Fifth place – Frank Provenzano
  • Sixth place – Alexander Bromley
  • Seventh place – Tyler Young
  • Eight place – Johnny Wasiczko
  • Ninth place – Matt Moeller
  • Tenth place – Nate Bolling

Full Event Scorecard

Wrap Up

All in all, America’s Strongest Man 2021 proved to be exactly what competitors and fans wanted. As many flocked to San Antonio, Texas to either compete or watch this great event, we now have a champion, at least for this year. All eyes will be on the sport of Strongman as this sport continues to rise in the public’s eyes and we are already waiting to see what kind of action next year’s event will bring.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Also, be sure to follow Generation Iron on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

*Images courtesy of Strongman Corporation

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