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Big Ramy Shares Prep Videos Leading Up To 2021 Olympia

Big Ramy exposed videos of routines leading up to the 2021 Olympia.

Heading into the 2021 Olympiathere was one name to beat. Reigning champion Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay entered Orlando as the favorite to repeat and was viewed as unbeatable by some. Well, that proved to be true as Big Ramy is now a two-time champion on the sport’s biggest stage.

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Big Ramy entered the weekend just over 300 pounds, which was revealed during the Olympia press conference. He did plenty of work to build his muscular physique to championship level and he did the same work with his routines.

Leading up to the competition, Big Ramy made sure to perfect his posing routines. This is important on the night of the finals and Big Ramy put on a show once again. He perfected his craft by performing three posing sessions everyday. The first came after cardio and before breakfast. Dennis James posted the first routine to his Instagram page.

“2,5 weeks out mandatory posing practice.

Every day first of 3 posing sessions immediately after cardio before breakfast. @big_ramy @thedietdoc@enhancedlabs.official”

Big Ramy was able to beat out Brandon Curry for the second-consecutive year. Curry, who was crowned champion in 2019, continues to be one of the best competitors in the world. The work that Big Ramy has put in has put him at the top of the game.

This was apparent on his Instagram page leading up to the Olympia. James has been training Big Ramy and together, the two built a physique that is going to be difficult to beat for years to come. This is the goal of the Egyptian bodybuilder and it could happen by continuing the proper work in the gym.

Dennis James is a former IFBB professional bodybuilder. He competed in eight Olympia competitions, finishing as high as 4th in 2003. His last Olympia appearance came in 2010 and his final competition was the 2012 Masters Mr. Olympia in 2012. James put together a string of two victories in 2009 at the Tampa Pro and the Europa Super Show.

Now that he has transitioned, James has a strong competitor in Big Ramy. He really burst onto the scene in 2017 after winning the Arnold Classic Europe and finishing second at the Olympia. He first competed on the biggest stage in 2013 and has now taken over.

Big Ramy has claimed that he will continue to defend his title for years to come. This is not surprising given his current success and the notion that he will be impossible to defeat. One thing we know for sure if that Big Ramy will put in the necessary work leading up to competitions and that is something that will keep his conditioning at the level it needs to be.

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