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Bodybuilder Veteran Rich Gaspari Reveals Effective Glute-Targeting Exercise for a Stronger Lower Body

Bodybuilding veteran Rich Gaspari revolutionized the Men’s Open division during his days of professional competition. He became the first athlete to display striations in his glutes. In a recent post made on Instagram, Gaspari shared an exercise for building leg muscles and glutes.

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Rich Gaspari started his career in the IFBB Pro League in the mid-1980s. He boasted an impressive blend of muscle mass, definition, and conditioning levels. His potential was evident from the start as he cracked the top three of the 1985 Mr. Olympia competition in his maiden appearance. While he did not win the Sandow trophy, he proved himself as a top contender with three runner-up finishes, falling short of eight-time Mr. Olympia Lee Haney on each occasion.

Gaspari was the inaugural winner of the 1989 Arnold Classic and earned an entry into the IFBB Hall of Fame in 2004. He decided to hang up his posing trunks in 1996 after an illustrious career lasting over two decades. Since retiring, he’s become a revered analyst with hot takes.

Following Hadi Choopan’s win at the 2022 Mr. Olympia, Gaspari fired shots at the champion for a perceived lack of conditioning in the back. He urged Choopan to work on the area and bring back an older drier look to the stage in his return.

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Gaspari criticized the modern mass monsters of the Open class for relying on steroids and neglecting quality training. He highlighted the decrease in conditioning levels and called on the competitors to prioritize training.

Rich Gaspari has kept a high fitness level after stepping away from competition. He opened up on his use of peptides to achieve anti-aging benefits along with testosterone, weight training, and growth hormone three months ago. Then, he stressed the importance of maintaining proper nutrition to build muscle in addition to effective training.

The 59-year-old believes modern Open athletes take considerably higher dosage of drugs than the competitors of past eras. He issued a cautionary message against using harsh diuretics in hopes of athletes achieving drier looks. In The Menace Podcast with Dennis James, Rich revealed he didn’t use such diuretics to sculpt his physique and laid out the risks involved in using synthetic substances.

Gaspari provided fans with some of his best tips on growing lower body muscles with intense training last month. He encouraged users to reach failure in their leg workouts and offered techniques to maximize the pump. 

Rich Gaspari’s Ultimate Glute-Burner for a Strong Lower Body

In an Instagram post, Rich Gaspari shared an effective glutes exercise for building muscle in the legs. He suggested performing sumo squats on an elevated platform to extend the range of motion at the bottom of the movement.

“Great exercise to hit glutes are Sumo squats with a Dumbbell elevating feet so you get more stretch at the bottom of the movement,” wrote Gaspari. “3 sets of 20-30 reps and feel your glutes burn.”

Rich Gaspari continued his feud with the Open division last month. He believes bodybuilding is an art form that is not properly represented in the marquee division. He credited the Classic Physique athletes for bringing the artistic element back into the game. 

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Incorporating elevated sumo squats into your workout routine can help you strengthen your lower body, improve balance, and achieve a more sculpted and toned gluteal region. Give this exercise a try and discover the benefits it can bring to your fitness journey.

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