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D-bol Versus T-bol – Which Is Best

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Q:  Doc D, how about a debate between D-Bol and T-Bol? I am on 1iu of GH everyday almost year around, and am currently doing 500mg Test Cyp/ 1x week for 12 weeks and 400mg Deca for 10 weeks. I want to add either D-Bol or T-Bol and not sure which is going to be best. Care to weigh in?

A: Well, figure out your PCT and CT therapies ahead of time, because you risk a whopping case of gyno here. But you also risk some very good benefits too. First off, do a week of HCG, continue with Clomixyl for 4 weeks + AIFM. Start Nolvaxyl about 2 weeks into Clomixyl, PCT. 

turanaxylBut do Aromaxyl throughout too. T-Bol is a good choice if you are close to a contest because it’s hard to detect. But in my opinion, I think D-Bol still blows T-Bol away in terms of results for mass gains. If you are cutting up and close to a contest, however, T-Bol is the way to go, though I think some of you already know my stance on D-Bol: That with a good diet you can get extremely hard and cut up, without water retention. Still, it is a personal preference and you should try both and decide for yourself. T-Bol is D-Bol without the potential to convert to estrogen. This is a good thing for most bodybuilders.

Oral Turanaxyl (OT) has experienced a lot of popularity since Kalpa Pharmaceuticals brought it out. Then it was a rush to produce it in other labs. It is Dianoxyl (D-Bol) with a 4-chloro modification to it. It lacks a 1-2 double carbon bond that D-Bol and T-Bol has and is aromatase resistant, so you don’t get the water retention and potential gyno. That’s another option. Why not try D-Bol this cycle and then replicate it 5 or 6 months later with the same elements, but with T-Bol. I’m not suggesting not to do another cycle in between, but if you’re going to do this exact cycle, and trade T-bol for D-bol, then take a break from this particular cycle for half a year when you next try.

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