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Danial Zamani Bench Presses 727Lbs and Makes it Look Easy

Danial Zamani makes 727lb bench press look like child’s play.

Danial Zamani showcases his incredible strength with a massive 727lb bench press. Zamani recently pulled off the incredible feat in training and made the lift look easy. It’s clear that he’s a threat to the bench press world record held by Julius Maddox. It’s also clear that he’s within striking distance of crushing the record.

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Perseverance is perhaps the number one most important trait to have if one wants to succeed at just about anything. No matter what you choose to do in this life one thing is very certain. Before you succeed you’re going to fail. In fact you’re going to fail a whole lot before you consistently succeed. Those with unshakable perseverance have been blessed with an incredible super power, no question.

It’s the exact power that men like Danial Zamani possess.

One of the strongest humans on the planet, Danial Zamani is hunting to conquer the 800lb bench press. The reigning bench press king Julius Maddox is on the very same mission. Both men have been hard at work prepping their minds and bodies to eventually set the world record.

While Maddox may hold the title of bench press king, Danial Zamani is hot on his heels. Training session after training session has improved Zamani’s strength. He has consistently been pushing himself to the point that he’s become a real threat to not only the current world record, but also the 800lb record as well.

Incredible Strength

Danial Zamani recently bench pressed 727lbs in training and made it look like cakewalk. The feat shows that he is clearly ready to challenge the world record bench press.

🔥330 kg🔥without using any stimulant, one of my important attempt in this training cycle, starting attempt of my last 4 heaviest attempts. Here it is presented to all my sport seniors and athletes in the world.

With the help of first god and second my coach great Babak @babak_ghazbani who takes care of all my training plans, and support of my fans, I am willing to break the world record 💯

It appears that 727lbs was barely even an issue for Danial Zamani. He has the strength, the drive, the perseverance, and the momentum to push him towards challenging for the bench press world record.

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