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Dr. Dre Takes on Fitness Challenge Inspired By Will Smith

Dr. Dre looks to get into great shape inspired by Will Smith.

It appears that Will Smith has started a trend. It appears that legendary hip hop producer Dr. Dre is looking to transform his physique. The rapper/producer says he has been inspired by Smith to get into the best shape of his life.

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Getting in great shape at an advanced age can be a difficult task. It doesn’t mean hopping on to some new fad diet and pump a few weights. It means making a lifestyle and sticking to it. That takes patience, resolve, and most of all dedication in order to make the necessary changes. Like Will Smith, if Dr. Dre hopes to make a major change to his physique at the age of 56, he’ll need to embrace all of those traits.

Already In Great Shape

But while it may prove to be a bit of an uphill battle, Dr. Dre appears to be already half way to a pretty impressive physique. The famed producer posted an image of his current physique on social media and he looks to be in pretty great shape. He even name dropped Will Smith as the motivation for the challenge.

This is my COVID body. I’m about to start getting my shit together. Going in with will smith. Let’s Go!!!!

Even Will Smith chimed in on Dr. Dre’s physique. The actor and rapper gave Dr. Dre some high praise on his current physique.

Smith is correct. Dr. Dre is already in some pretty good shape. All it will take to see significant changes to his physique will be a few tweaks and some consistency.

Dr. Dre joins a long list of other hip hop associated artists challenging themselves to build powerful physiques. Artists like Method Man and Busta Rhymes. These artists are all proving that you can never be too old to get into the best shape of your life. Even bodybuilders of advance age like Lee Labrada are staying in amazing shape by being consistent in their training. If Dr. Dre and Will smith can exhibit the same kind of dedication, then they can see some pretty incredible results themselves.

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