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Erin Stern Shares the Go-to Supplements That She Relies on a Daily Basis

2X Figure Olympia champion and IFBB Pro Bikini Competitor Erin Stern has inspired countless individuals to take up the path of health and fitness. During her journey, Stern has always been open about her nutrition and training with her viewers through her social media accounts. In her latest YouTube video, she shares her top six essential supplements for promoting overall well-being and providing the required micronutrients that our body often misses out on in today’s hectic era.

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Mega D3 K2

Stern started her list by mentioning Mega D3 K2, often called the ‘sunshine vitamin.’ She admitted that “I have bloodwork done and I was actually deficient in Vitamin D.” Although Stern did recommend getting blood work done to ensure if you’ll actually benefit from it. She educated her viewers that K2 and D3 work symbiotically to ensure that calcium does not get deposited in arteries and soft tissues.

Magnesium Glycinate

“I’ll get a headache, kind of a low-grade headache if I stop taking it, so I know that the body gets depleted of Magnesium if you are under stress, if you are training hard, um you know, if you’re just go go go, chances are you are deficient in Magnesium,” stated Stern. 

She explained that Magnesium Glycinate helps her sleep well. However, she warns that Magnesium Citrate and Magnesium Oxide might lead to an upset stomach. 

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Next on the list for Stern is Collagen. She revealed that along with healthy hair and nail growth, Collagen is also an important component of connective tissues. 

“I like taking it on an empty stomach and first thing in the morning. It does contain Vitamin C also which can help a lot with assimilation and helping it with collagen production,” Erin added.


Continuing the list, Stern reveals creatine as her next favorite supplement in her stack. However, she admits a personal preference for taking it in the form of tablets rather than powders. She pointed out that apart from muscle gain and recovery, creatine also serves some proven cognitive benefits. Being the most researched product in the market, creatine is a go-to for most athletes while going supplement shopping. 

Beef Protein

“It is hard to find a high-quality whey protein lately…If you simply can not do whey proteins, try this one out.”

A bodybuilder’s life is almost incomplete without protein. Talking about her own preferences as of now, Stern admits relying on beef protein, which consists of beef organ powder. It helps her fulfill her protein intake, offering a complete protein profile consisting of all the essential amino acids necessary for muscle hypertrophy and recovery.

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Honorable Mentions

Continuing further with her video, Stern provided some other supplements that deserve an honorable mention, according to her. 

  1. Serrapeptase- It is a protein-digesting enzyme that helps with muscle inflammation, and pain, and can help with edema.
  2. N-acetyl cysteine- NAC is an antioxidant that can help support respiratory functions and helps boost immunity. 
  3. Probiotics- Contrary to popular belief, Stern loves consuming probiotics as it helps her with “tummy troubles.”

Concluding her video, Stern even dropped a hint that her next goal might be a venture into the track arena. “I’m thinking about track and field.”

You can check out the whole video below:

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