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Everything you need to know about SARMS

Ostarine - Anadarine - Cardarine - Ligandrol

Everything you need to know about SARMS as well as some helpful information that will tell you about the other related substances that are on the market. If you have heard about SARMS before then you will know that it stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator and they are commonly referred to as being a steroid alternative.

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They are used in PCT as well so there really are plenty of ways for you to benefit. So how do they work? Androgens are hormones that act in the same way as Ligands, or molecules that link together with other molecules. They then connect to Androgen receptors, or AR. The AR then leads to a much bigger expression of a certain gene and the connection made is what causes muscle to grow at a much faster rate.

Selective modulators obstruct, or speed up the fuel that is used in receptors. This means that it can speed up the muscle growing properties in one tissue while also reducing them in another. When you compare SARMS to testosterone cypionate you will find that SARMS is 200 times more powerful in terms of muscle stimulation and it is more than 80 times more in terms of its selective properties as well.

What does “SARMs” mean and what is it, you ask? “SARMs” stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. As for androgens, they are aspecial type of hormones that perform as ligands, molecules linked to each other, which binds itself to androgen receptors (AR). The involvement of the AR in a signal transduction is responsible for the bigger expression of genes. Prohormones and steroids also have this involvement with the AR which gives them their muscle growth properties. SARMs are different from prohormones and steroids despite having the same involvement with the AR. Although it carries similar effects with traditional steroids, it is known to have lower tendencies for side effects.

IGF-1 lr3

SARMs already built its reputation based on its capacity to stimulate more muscle growth compared to other muscle growth stimulators and hormonere placement therapies. Around the world, pharmaceutical companies are studying the nature of SARMs and possibly how many could be released in the market. Currently, they are mostly used by athletes and bodybuilders. This is also why they are being recognized as a substitute to steroids which is quite known for its drastic side effects when it comes to prolonged use. When it was first introduced,this muscle growth stimulator caused a lot of stir in the scientific and pharmaceutical community. It was considered to be a breakthrough.

SARMS vs. Prohormones

Prohormones came on to the market a long time ago but steroids didn’t have the muscle growing properties that people wanted at the time. They also came with a range of side effects which made them generally unsafe. SARMS on the other hand is an upgrade of these steroids. They can be taken orally and this minimises the effect that testosterone has on the blood. SARMS can also be used to cure a huge range of diseases and it could even go on to replace Androgen which again, helps to fuel muscle.

A lot of athletes use SARMS and when you take a look at the study results from the WADA, or the Anti Doping Agency, they state that SARMS are currently used by over 10% of athletes who want to enhance their body, and that it is completely legal and safe. On top of this, SARMS have also shown that they can help to increase bone mass without affecting the prostate so there really are so many benefits.

How Do SARMS Actually Work?

As you get older, your muscle, skeleton, mass and power deteriorates. This is because you end up losing muscle fibre and this affects how you function. When you take SARMS on the other hand, all of this can be enhanced with ease. There are two ways for you to administer SARMS as well. You can take it orally or you can take it in the form of an injection. The anabolic effect that it has on the body is said to be the same as when you administer testosterone as well.

You should also note that SARMS work by linking to the exact same receptors that steroids such as Dianabol do. They do all of this without any of the bad side effects and it is a great refreshing boost to the world of muscle pharmacology. SARMS can also help to increase your muscle mass as well, helping you to cut back on body fat as well as giving your performance that much needed boost.

Steriod or Not?

Many people mistake SARMs (in the market) for steroids because of its effects to the body but it is not. It is not steroidal in nature. It has the option to be taken orally with no injections needed which already brings out a big difference between the two. Of course, it has similar effects to testosterone which enhances the libido, muscle growth, even fat loss and more but it does not have drastic or harsh liver toxicity unlike prohormones and steroids. Its use is also outopen in the market and is very legal.


Studies show that SARMS won’t cause liver damage and they won’t result in bone loss either. It will decrease prostate problems and it won’t affect your HTPA. On top of all of this, it is untraceable, completely legal and it can help you with muscle loss prevention, strength, healing, muscle improvement and more.

According to, anabolic steroids and testosterone replacement therapies have an already known list of health risks that arises from continued use. These risks, which are side effects, include prostate cancer, acne growth, pattern baldness for males, gynecomastia, liver damage, increased blood pressure (higher than normal) and more. The list goes on and on. As for SARMs, it has the effects of anabolic steroids without this long list of health risks. It’s known to be alot safer but of course the side effects are not completely wipedout, they’re just simply reduced.

SARMs are of course applicable to body builders because of how its benefits are really for individuals who long for physical strength enhancement.Also, it gives them faster injury recovery while having lean muscle development. Most body builders opt to take this instead of the traditional steroids also because of its legality.

Types of SARMS

There really are so many different types of SARMS out there but there are four main ones that are available on the market today.

LGD- 4033 This is potent and it is used to enhance lean muscle while also cutting body fat.

LGD 4033

Ostarine This helps you to maintain and increase muscle mass as well as helping those who want to recomp.SARM SCIENCES Osta-MK 2866

S4- This is selective for your bone tissue and it can help to cure osteoporosis.


GW501516– This burns fat as well as helping you to go longer during your workouts.

Endurobolic GW

Where To Buy SARMS

If you want to buy SARMS online then you need to do everything you can to stay away from the cheap stuff. The cheap stuff will only hinder your fitness routine and it may cause severe side effects depending on what it has been mixed with. If you do buy SARMS online, make sure that you buy them from a provider who is completely reputable.

Side Effects of SARMS

True enough, side effects cannot be avoided but the good news is, when we’re talking about this specific type of androgen receptor ligands, we have less to worry about. Of course, side effects usually come about when taking higher dosages than of what is required. So be sure to keep it cool and remember the health risks that come with abusing any type of drug.

For individuals who will likely be in touch with aprolonged use of SARMs, side effects will be testicular atrophy(reduced size of the male reproductive organ), gynecomastia(enlargement of breasts of the male), virilization in women(development of male characteristics), baldness and acne. It is important to learn how to control the use of SARMs in order to also control and maximize its beneficial properties without succumbing to possible health risks and side effects.

The great thing about taking SARMS is that the side effects are barely noticeable. If you do take SARMS for more than a month at a time then you may notice some side effects, such as testicular atrophy, baldness, acne and gynecomastia. Women may experience virilisation as well. If you use SARMS for even longer of this then you may find that you start to develop male breasts and in very extreme causes, SARMS can cause infertility in women.

If you are a woman and you do start to develop virilisation then you will find that you start to get an Adam’s apple, a deeper voice and other male characteristics. If baldness runs in your family then you will most likely bald much earlier when you are on a high dose of SARMS.

Using SARMs

In terms of usage, we must all be responsible and in control so that we can make the most out of its benefits. We all would definitely want that, right? tackles how it must be utilized as a bridgein between steroid cycles. This should be done so that its effectwill be most effective and efficient. This can also help in keepingthe cycles efficiently without the looming fear of eventually getting off SARMs.

Clinical Testing

Three SARMs already undergone clinical testing and one of these three is already widely out in the market. Enobosarm (Ostarine) is known for its effects for the muscle in bone. It was primarily intended to treatosteoporosis and also for muscle problems of the elderly. Enobosarmis one of the known types because of most bodybuilders’ preference.

The other two which are also done in clinical testing are called BMS-564,929 and LGD-403. Both are also for muscle treatment as well as treating andropause. Another one already out in the market is Andarine which is primarily developed to treat benign prostatichypertrophy. Andarine also has similar effects to Enobosarm or morecommonly known as Ostarine.

Still in Development (and in Controversy?)

SARMs are, of course, still in development. Many potential SARMs are still underpre-clinical testing. It still has a long way to go from where it is now. It already faced a handful of controversies the past year because of violations with the FDA’s Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 as well as issues on intellectual property rights. Most people say that these controversies also caused SARMs togain more popularity in the market. Since it still has a long way togo, many studies and researches are being done to further develop it. More studies regarding SARMs would go a long way in introducing it tothe wider public with a reputation of being beneficial to many.


LGD-4033 is a very selective SARM and it is oral as well. It binds to AR and it is tissue selective. This means that it can help you to retain muscle loss and it is very common with those who suffer from cancer. It is also used with those who are suffering from age-related muscle deterioration as well. When you take a look at this SARM you will find that it can give you all the benefits of testosterone but with a higher level of safety.

How Does It Work?

LGD is quite new but the results that it has displayed so far have been prominent in both studies and logs. Studies show that it can help you to increase lean body mass, decrease body fat and increase strength- as well as helping you to go longer during workouts. LGD has shown a high level of ability when it comes to muscle mass and a lot of people believe that it helps with bulk increasing as well.

A lot of people have reported that it can help muscle mass with over a 10lb increase and this is especially the case when you are on a high calorie diet. If you want to know how much you should take of this substance then the recommended dose is 5-10mg over an 8 week period. LG also shares the recomp characteristics as well. A lot of people have reported that they have seen a lot more muscle mass when using this SARM and that their recomp has been stronger as well.

Of course, if you want to cut then you will be glad to know that LGD can be used for this as well and this is especially the case if you take it alongside SARMS S-4 and GW-501516. You could also run, what is called a triple stack when you take it as well as Ostarine so this is certainly something that you need to think about. If you want to cut then consider taking 3-5mg over 8 weeks.

Side Effects

The side effects of LGD have been very minimal however this does depend on the dose that you are taking. In the studies, scientists have found that there has been no lower levels in LH or FSH and this is very good because it shows that the recovery time won’t be anywhere near as severe when you compare it to anabolic steroids. LGD is completely non-toxic but if you want to be safe then make sure that you have an aromatase inhibitor with you.

Ostarine (MK-2866)

Ostarine is otherwise known as MK-2866 and it is a SARM. This SARM was originally created to help reduce and address issues such as Osteoporosis and it can also mimic the effects of any anabolic steroid without giving you the nasty side effects. When you take Ostarine, you may find that you have a significant increase in muscle mass as well as a reduced level of fat storage as well.

You will also find that your bone density increases and during a cycle, it isn’t uncommon for people to gain as much as 10lbs of muscle mass. The cycle of Ostarine varies because no two profiles are the same. Even so, most people have a cycle of 4-8 weeks. This is a very important concept that you need to consider because you can’t take Ostarine all year round. You need to do it in cycles and at the right dose for your needs. The most common dose for body builders is around 25mg and for average men it is 20mg.

If you are over 200lbs then 35mg would be a more appropriate dose. If you are cutting then a 15mg dose is recommended. If you have bone issues or if you are a woman then you might want to consider dropping the dose to 10mg every day. If you are worried about taking too much Ostarine then you should note that it isn’t toxic to the liver. Even so, if you take more than 35mg every single day then this could be dangerous. With a 24 hour half life, you need to split up your doses as well and by doing this, it is easier for you to know what you have taken that day.

Does Ostarine Increase Oestrogen?

SARMS do not aromatise but the more you take the more side effects you may notice. An increased level of oestrogen isn’t a problem for most people and if it is a problem then you may want to consider taking a PCT as well. Ostarine won’t affect your blood pressure level and it is completely safe to use, but if you do have hair loss in your family then this SARM can help to speed up the process. When you are taking Ostarine it is recommended that you don’t drink alcohol. The main reason for this is because alcohol decreases the amount of testosterone in the body.

Side Effects

Ostarine won’t cause any liver damage but there are plenty of prohormones out there that will put added strain on the liver as well as giving you plenty of nasty side effects. Some people, when taking Ostarine may experience gyno however this is not very common. Other people may experience headaches, acne and nausea however these are much more common with larger doses. If you are a woman then you can take Ostarine without any problems and it is 100% legal as well. It is true that a number of prohormones were banned in the year 2014 but Ostarine was not a part of that ban. On top of that, Ostarine won’t affect your natural level of testosterone production either but if you are taking over 25g a day for more than 4 weeks then it is always a good idea for you to take a PCT as well.


Ostarine can be used alongside cutting and when you take a lower dose, such as 15-20mg then this is certainly the case. When you take Ostarine, you will be able to lose weight as well as maintaining a high level of muscle mass. If you do want to lose weight efficiently however, then you will need to make sure that you lower your calorie intake as well, because Ostarine won’t lower your body fat if you are still taking in the same amount of calories.

GW501516 & GW1516

GW501516 is a drug that acts in the same way as a PPARδ modulator. It works by activating the AMP protein Kinase as well as helping to stimulate the glucose uptake in the muscle tissue. GW501516 has been proven in terms of its effectiveness and it can also help to reverse any metabolic abnormalities in men as well. This is especially the case when you take into account pre-diabetic syndrome and a lot of people have also stated that it is great for treating obesity as well.

GW501516 was originally tested on rats and it helps proteins to express themselves on a higher level and this is especially the case when you take a look at energy expenditure. On top of this, rates that were tested with GW501516 showed an increased metabolism and skeletal muscle when type 2 diabetes was in question. When you take GW501516, you will also find that there are two different uses. The first use is that of a higher endurance. GW has been previously banned because it helps athletes to get an unfair advantage when it comes to endurance races but if you are not an athlete or if you do not compete professionally then you won’t have a problem.

If you wanted to benefit in terms of endurance in the gym or at home however, then GW501516 is certainly the right choice for you. It starts taking effect very quickly and you may feel staggered the first time you take it, but even so, it is highly effective and if you take 10mg a day, which is the recommended dose, then you will certainly see an increase in your level of endurance.

The second most common usage of GW501516 and any other GW substance is the fact that it can help you to burn fat. Even though it does help you to burn fat, you will still find that it is non-catabolic and this means that you can still keep hold of your muscle mass. This is especially the case when you run it alongside Ostarine and S4 and you really only need to take 10-20mg every day in order to start seeing some serious results.

When you run any GW substance, such as GW501516, you should do it in 8 week cycles as with any other steroid supplement. You will need to make sure that you cycle it properly if you want to see the biggest and best results however, because this will help you to avoid any side effects as well as showing you how you can learn the effects on your own body.

Nutrobal (MK-677)

Nutrobal, or MK-677 is taken orally and it is a secretagogue. A secretagogue is another word for a substance that chemically stimulates growth hormone. In other words, it can be compared to various peptides such as GHRP-6 or even Ipamorelin. The Nutrobal however doesn’t require any injections and it doesn’t have many side effects either. It was originally developed to help combat conditions such s muscle wasting, obesity and osteoporosis. The first thing it was used to treat was hip problems in the elderly as well, so you know that there have been plenty of tests done that all back up how safe this product is to use.

How Does It Work?

When you take a look at the pulse intensity of growth hormone, you will notice that it works in four possible ways. You can increase the GHRH which is the growth hormone releasing hormone, and you can look at the amplifying of the GHRH. On top of that, you have the reduction of the somatostatin release and the somatostatin receptor signalling as well.

Nutrobal works by delivering all four of these key factors and when you have ingested it, it will increase the dose dependently. There have been many studies on this type of substance and the studies have largely been done on the catabolic state. If you take a dose of 25mg every single day and you are on a diet that includes nitrogen wasting then you will have a higher increase of IGF-1 and in addition to this, the effects of nitrogen wasting were completely reversed.

This means that it can be used to help treat those who are undergoing muscle wasting, so there are plenty of benefits when you look at it from this perspective. When trials were done on GHS and obesity it showed that there was a distinct increase in muscle mass and the visceral adipose tissue wasn’t affected either.

If you take Nutrobal for two weeks then you should notice an increase in the basal metabolic rate and you should also find that the lean body mass is increased as well. Of course, other studies have also been conducted and this shows that Nutrobal can be used to treat osteoporosis and bone mineral problems. It works by increasing the bone density as well as helping with any possible recovery times.

The Benefits

There are plenty of benefits available for those who take Nutrobal and this includes an improved complexion, an increase in energy levels and nitrogen retention as well. You will also find that if you take Nutrobal that you have a higher level of strength and a better sense of wellbeing. In addition to this, the immune system will also be boosted. So as you can see, the benefits really are endless and it is very effective as well. In fact, studies show that Nutrobal can be used for many different reasons, from growing muscle mass to shredding and more.

It doesn’t compete with the amount of added hormones you get from HGH so it is possible to use it with a cycle of HGH if you wanted. When you take Nutrobal, you will also find that you can get some of the same benefits without having to go through gruelling HGH injections either, so it has never been easier for you to get all of the benefits without any hassle or fuss.

Some of the other benefits include fat loss, lean mass muscle gain, loose skin tightening, increased healing time, better bone density and so much more. If you want to know how much Nutrobal you should take then the recommended dose is between 5-25mg a day. Of course, the dose will depend on what results you want.

Side Effects

Some of the side effects that are commonly associated with Nutrobal include numb hands, lethargy and an increase appetite. If you take Nutrobal over a longer period of time then you will find that your levels of Cortisol won’t increase and this is great if it is something that you are concerned about. There is some anecdotal evidence that shows that there was a temporary increase in prolactin in some people when they started to take Nutrobal however this was only present in those who are sensitive to the effects of prolactin.

If this is the case with you then you may want to consider taking a HCGenerate ES to try and prevent any future problems. So how do you know if you are prone to prolactin sensitivity or not? Take a look at your previous intakes. If you suffer from gynecomastia when you take trenbolone then there is a high chance that you will be sensitive to prolactin so this is something that you really do need to think about. Nutrobal however, can increase your immune system so it is worth talking to your health advisor if you want to find out more about what this could do for you.

S4 or Andarine

S4 or Andarine is a SARM that is said to be one of the most potent SARMS on the market at the moment. It helps you to sustain any lean muscle mass that you have at the moment and it also helps you to lose weight as well.  One thing that you should know about S4, or Andarine is that it is an AR but it is slightly different in some ways when compared. S4 works by generating selective activity and it has 30% of the total strength when compared to testosterone at the moment it attaches to an AR.

When you compare S4 to anabolic steroids and other prohormones, you will find that S4 doesn’t have any androgenic activity on the muscle tissues that are non-skeletal and it also has a half life of 4 hours. When you do take S4 you may also notice that it can affect the size of the prostate if you take it as it is recommended. The S4 supplement is taken orally and the effect it has on the prostate is that it can make it appear smaller so if you go for prostate exams then this is something that you should mention to your doctor.

S4 is especially beneficial if you suffer from muscle degeneration, benign prostatic hypertrophy and osteoporosis. S4 doesn’t just sustain your muscle mass either, because it can also help to improve it as well so you can already start to see how this could benefit you. Aside from the various muscle building advantages that S4 can offer you, it won’t cause any damage to your liver either and it can actually prevent gynecomastia, or bigger breasts in men. S4 can also trigger muscle development in the same way that steroids do but you won’t have to put up with any of the nasty side effects that are commonly associated with steroid intake or any other related supplement.


If you want to start taking S4 and you want to cut then you should start by taking 50mg for 6-8 weeks. You should take this dose every single day with two days off every so often. If you do not take a day off now and again then you may experience changes in your vision so this is something that you need to be aware of. Andarine is very similar to Anavar and Winstrol but the only difference is that S4 can help you more in terms of the lean muscle gain that it has to offer.

S4 can also display some of the same resemblances because it can help you to cut down on fat while actually boosting your overall muscle mass and this is especially the case if you are in a hpocaloric environment. If you want the athletic, chiselled look then this is also the right choice for you and it won’t affect your joints either. In fact, it can reinforce the muscle mass and the amount of power you have so you won’t experience painful pumps or anything like that. If you want to get all of these benefits then you need to make sure that you take a 50mg dose for 6-8 weeks with a two day break after each cycle.


If you want to recomp then you might want to take S4 with Ostarine because this will give you much better results. If you want to gain lean muscle then you will notice that the strength effects of Andarine are very fast and long lasting. In other words, it helps you to feel good all over without any worries. If this is what you want from your SARM then you should consider taking a dose of 50mg.

Side Effects

Even though SARM doesn’t have many side effects, as mentioned above, it can cause some distortion to your vision. You may find that your vision has a yellow tint and you may also find that you experience added difficulty when it comes to seeing at night. It can also affect your heart and other organs when you take S4 in incredibly high doses, for example, 50g or more. If you are experiencing side effects when using S4 then these will go away when you stop taking it and this is even the case with the vision changes as well.

So as you can see, SARMS are all very safe to take and you shouldn’t experience any problems with them at all. They can help you to keep and maintain your muscle and they can also help you to cut fat as well so you know you can reap the benefits in the shortest space of time.

An End Note

SARMs has both benefits and side effects. Its benefits will, of course ,overshadow its side effects when it is properly used. Its benefits go on and on, from strength gain to faster healing properties. The important thing is to remember to also have control in using it. It does not do to just go about it without having a proper plan or strategy on how to use it. For SARMs, we need to remember that anything that involves our health would always require responsibility.

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