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Fergus Crawley Completes Triathlon, 1,200-Pound Powerlifting Total On Same Day

Fergus Crawley accomplished an incredible feat of strength in many ways.

Fergus Crawley is known as a hybrid athlete. This means he specializes in both strength and endurance. On Monday, Crawley took to Instagram to show his latest feat of both strength and endurance. It is known as the “1200TWELVE.”

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Crawley completed a 1,200-pound powerlifting total and an Iron distance triathlon in under 12 hours. This came exactly one year after Crawley became only the second person ever to record the “500FIVE” — which is squatting 500 pounds and completing a mile run in under five minutes.

“1200lb powerlifting total, and a sub-12 Iron distance triathlon, in the same day,” Crawley wrote.

“Exactly 1 year since 500FIVE, where I managed to squat 500lb, and run a sub-5 minute mile in the same day – so what better way to honour the occasion?”

Fergus Crawley began his day at 3 a.m. at the Nottingham Strong, a powerlifting club in Nottingham, U.K. This is where his quest for 1,200 pounds began. Crawley tackled a 205kg (452lb) squat, a 121kg (266.8lb) bench press, and a 220kg (485lb) deadlift during his hour at the gym. This was a total of 546kg (1,203.7lb) and the first leg of his journey was complete.

After being able to rest for two hours, Crawley began his triathlon at 6 a.m. An Outlaw Triathlon Ironman is made up of a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride, and 26.2 mile run. Crawley was able to finish in 11 hours, 53 minutes, and 38 seconds. After his day was finally finished, Crawley described it as “one of the longest, most challenging days of my life. No doubt.”

When compared to the average of other participants, Crawley was above average. An analysis was done of 41,000 runners and it found that the average time it took to complete this was 12 hours and 35 minutes.

Fergus Crawley continued by saying there will be a video released next week documenting his tremendous journey.

“Match report to follow in the next few days ✌🏼and YouTube video dropping a week today!

Thank you for everyone’s messages of support, as always, enormously appreciated!


There was no worry that Crawley would finish the triathlon but he had to hit it in under 12 hours, which was the time he set for himself. In the end, he was able to cross the finish line with six minutes and 22 seconds to spare.

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