1. jimbosmith316

    Help Your Shoulder Pain

    Experiencing shoulder pain can be uncomfortable and limiting, but there are several exercises and stretches that may help alleviate discomfort and improve shoulder mobility and strength. However, it's essential to consult with a healthcare professional or physical therapist before starting any...
  2. yourmuscleshop

    How long usually do you run your cycle?

    How long usually do you run your cycle? Short (2-5weeks) Medium (5-9weeks) Normal (9-12weeks) Long (2-3 months) I’m om TRT
  3. Boomer

    What would U do with left over gear

    So I'm just about to start up again and am waiting for my stock should get it in about 2-3 weeks, although I am ready to start now. Thing is I have some left over test.e and Decca from my last cycle. I have a bout 5ml left of the test (250mg/ml) and about 7ml left of the Decca (100mg/ml) I'm...
  4. S

    GBL, 1,4-Butanediol domestic USA, Canada and Australia.

    GBL, 1,4-Butanediol domestic USA, Canada and Australia. 25kg in a drum. Fast delivery without any customs issues. 2-3 days will arrive your hand after payment. Tons sold out in one week. If any interest, please contact us asap.
  5. drtbear1967

    You didn't gain 2 to 3 pounds overnight.

    You spent your whole week staying dialed with your diet & exercise, but despite being consistent, you wake up 2-3 pounds heavier than the day before... ⠀ —> “Like, WTF!?!?” 🤬 ⠀ Don’t freak out! It’s NOT body fat! ⠀ I’ll explain... ⠀ There are oodles ‘n’ bunches of reasons as to why your body...
  6. drtbear1967

    Beginners - Just do something!!

    Beginners are often concerned with what method they should use to build muscle. The good news is that regardless of method a beginner almost always builds muscle easily during their first months of training. . There are even studies showing that novice runners build muscle without lifting...
  7. H

    Sides On Cycle Making Me Look Crap

    I am only using test/tren for several years now and threw in the odd anavar last year. Water wise I am drinking a lot more per day and diet wise I have really cleaned up the foods I eat. My face, on any cycle, becomes rounded and bloated regardless of water intake, diet, training, etc. I have...
  8. D


    Any of you other over 40 guys love Tren like I do. Every time I use it, I look in the mirror and can't believe it's me, just big and separated, veins everywhere. I'm prob too old (52) to be messing with this stuff, but damn, it's amazing. Low test, maybe 200 mg a week, Mast maybe 500 mg a week...
  9. drtbear1967

    Dehydration and Insulin Sensitivity

    This study found that subjects who were dehydrated at 2.5- and 5% of their bodyweights had higher insulin levels following exercise. Dehydration can reduce insulin sensitivity which can impair muscle growth and overall gains. Drink 16oz of water before and after your workout and shoot for at...
  10. C

    Best Strength Gear?

    Whats everyones take on the absolute best strength gear... injections only as orals I seem to lose those gains pretty quick after...... I have tried Tren E, Deca, Eq, ..... another questions is because I know everyone will say Tren... how about 1.5G test e, a week solo vs 4-600mg tren +...
  11. drtbear1967

    Study on Forced Reps.

    themusclephd💥This study analyzed growth hormone levels throughout two different training sessions and found that subjects using forced reps had a higher growth hormone response during the training session. Use this method by having a spotter help you force out 2-3 extra reps per set after you...
  12. J

    Peptide hgh Igf1 discussion

    New to site.i would like to see some current reviews on MC advanced supps.can anyone point me in right direction?all i see are ones that are 2-3 years old.
  13. Ox 51

    Bet on NFL Week 7 Games!!! Win credits for free products or free Muscle Thredz t-shirt!!!

    Bet your MC credits on NFL games. Credits are good for FREE products from the MC store! You can also pick 4 teams to beat the spread to win FREE shirt from MuscleThredz! Thursday, October 18 Denver Broncos 2-4 (-1) at Arizona Cardinals 1-5 Sunday, October 21 Tennessee Titans 3-3 at Los...
  14. Ox 51

    Bet on NFL Week 6 Games!!! Win credits for free products or free Muscle Thredz t-shirt!!!

    Bet your credits on NFL games! Credits can be used for products from the MC store. Or, pick 4 teams and if they all cover the spread, you win a FREE MuscleThredz shirt! Here are the matchups for week 6: Thursday, October 11 Philadelphia Eagles 2-3 (-2) at New York Giants 1-4 Sunday, October...
  15. drtbear1967

    Rest Pause Training.

    While volume is the main driver of muscle growth, it seems that not all reps are created equal. Reps closer to failure may be more effective at stimulating muscle growth for advanced lifters. Muscle growth specialist Brad Schoenfeld identified tension, metabolic stress and muscle damage as...
  16. thx

    "Hot flashes" what should I do?

    I recently got off my test prop + tbol and examestane/aromasin cycle. I was really happy with it. Got really good results from it. Got sick at the end so had to quit early. I kept taking aromasin though. After I quit my cycle I started to take aromasin ed (12mg) instead of eod. I kept getting...
  17. drtbear1967

    Do Longer Rest = More Gains

    Researchers from the University of Birmingham have found that extended rest intervals between sets of weight-lifting could help with muscle growth. The findings, published in Experimental Physiology, go against the conventional belief that favours shorter periods of rest. The study highlights...
  18. drtbear1967

    Effectgs of Low-Dose Creatine

    The Effects of Low-Dose Creatine by Chris Shugart Creatine works, it's safe, and it's dirt cheap. And even though it's already the most studied sports supplement in existence, more studies are conducted anyway. Here's a new one that's pretty interesting. Researchers for this study wanted to...
  19. C

    Hcg details & usage

    Hey guys, if someone can help me out is appreciate it. I just finished a hcg about 2-3 weeks ago but I'm looking to end my cycle this week. Would I have to hcg again even though I just finished doing it 2-3 weeks ago?
  20. 9

    Conor McGregor retires in 2-3 years

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/vW_WEzuGzGg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>