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You spent your whole week staying dialed with your diet & exercise, but despite being consistent, you wake up 2-3 pounds heavier than the day before...

—> “Like, WTF!?!?” 🤬

Don’t freak out! It’s NOT body fat!

I’ll explain...

There are oodles ‘n’ bunches of reasons as to why your body weight fluctuates in a single day.

Maybe you ate later than usual? ⏰

Maybe you ate more salt, and you're retaining a bit of water? 💦

Maybe you need to take a big ol' dump-a-roo?💩

Seriously, HUNDREDS of things can lead to a higher-than-expected daily weigh-in…

But I can promise you this:

It’s NOT pure body fat! 🙅*♂️❌

Just think about it 🤔...

If you could gain or lose 2-3 pounds of fat in a single day, you could theoretically lose 60-90 pounds of it in a single month 🗓...

Obviously, that’s not the way things work. Losing fat takes time. Changes in body fat don’t happen day-to-day. Heck, they barely happen week-to-week!

Your weight is going to fluctuate. Sometimes by as much as 2-3 pounds…

That’s okay & totes normal 👌

99% of that weight is from water, food, body stuffz, etc... NOT body fat.

Chill out, relax, trust the system, continue focusing on the things YOU can control (i.e., your consistency & effort), and your weight will trend downward over time
This is why I think it's funny when I see the same guys in the gym going over to the scale and weigh themselves day after day. Let it go a week and then check!
Haha, that's me...can't stop. But, I know how my weight fluctuates throughout the week also. I'm always heaviest Sunday afternoon and I lose through Thursday night when I'm the lightest.
Clothes fit and what I see in the mirror. I don't weigh myself at all if I can help it. I see the doctor enough that I just get my weight there.