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Generation Iron 3 The Persian Wolf Official Trailer

Generation Iron 3 The Persian Wolf Official Trailer


Hadi Choopan
The Persian Wolf

Hadi Choopan may not be able to currently compete at the Mr. Olympia or any US competition for the time being due to the travel ban – but he has regardless built a massive following and interest in the industry due to his incredible physique that some believe tops that of reigning champ (and now retired) Flex Lewis.

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That’s why our camera crews traveled to the middle east in order to explore Hadi’s training, dieting, and life while also going into detail about his travel ban issues as he attempts to become the next Men’s 212 legend.

This preview trailer above gives a taste of what to expect in the upcoming Generation Iron 3.

Generation Iron 3 will be available world wide on December 7, 2018.

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