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Gervonta Davis vs Isaac Cruz Results

Who won the battle between Gervonta Davis and Isaac Cruz?

What happens when an unstoppable force runs into an immovable object? It’s an age old question that has intrigued humans for as we could remember. It’s what makes sporting events so intriguing. Why we love movies like the Rocky series. And it’s exactly the same question that will be answered when Gervonta Davis battles Isaac Cruz.

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The WBA lightweight champion, Gervonta Davis has been an impressive force since beginning his boxing journey. He is a powerhouse puncher with the kind of devastating hands that can separate anyone from their consciousness. You only have to see his crushing knockout of Leo Santa Cruz to understand how incredibly dangerous Davis is.

In his second defense of his WBA lightweight title, Gervonta Davis is pitted against Isaac Cruz. Cruz’s hard nosed, come forward style is certainly fan pleasing. It should also pose some interesting problems for Davis to solve inside the twelve round distance.

Both boxers are proud men, ready to put everything on the line for victory. The two almost came to blows at the weigh ins and it certainly sparked even more interest in the fight.

Gervonta Davis and Isaac Cruz went to war! When the dust settled Gervonta Davis defeated Isaac Cruz by unanimous decision in a competitive, close fight.

Did you tune into the battle between Gervonta Davis and Isaac Cruz?

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