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Greg Doucette Calls Out Larry Wheels For Allegedly Using “Fake” Weights

Greg Doucette calls out Larry Wheels for fake weights.

Greg Doucette is taking Larry Wheels to task. After a recent video repost, many people have been calling out Larry Wheels for using “fake” weights. While that may not be entirely true, Doucette went on to explain in further detail.

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The weights used in Larry Wheels’ most recent training video showcases the popular strength athlete lifting two loaded barbells. The video in question shows Larry lifting a supposed 185lbs in each hand.

After the video came to light, IFBB Pro Greg Doucette had a lot to say. The bodybuilder was says Larry Wheels was misrepresenting the weights he was lifting in his video. His comments pushed Larry to respond to the accusations.

“This needs to be addressed as Greg is yet again attacking my image for his own monetary gain.

“The barbell was 185lbs in each hand. YouTube search “CRAZIEST SHOULDER PRESS YOU’VE EVER SEEN”

“To see the full video where I specify how it’s 185lbs in each hand.”

The Beginning of the Beef

Greg Doucette decided to issue a response of his own.

Be ready for me Jen my YouTube video comes out as it’s 100% undeniable that’s you on purpose chose to deceive the viewers into thinking u were pressing 225 in each hand. I specifically said in my video that you could not do 225 in each hand and therefore it had to be fake Waze last I checked 185 is a heck of a lot lighter than 225 and his fake.

No one said you weren’t strong I just simply said you’re not strong enough to do 225 for 5. And that post lead to other people re-sharing that post even powerlifting websites making it look like you were pressing to place a side which perpetuates the myth that humans are somehow lifting these incredible weights.

It’s deceiving and it’s fake. Of course you don’t like being called out and proven that you’re deceiving the public but it’s not the first time you’ve lied which I also showing this video just so that people see your history.

The smarter play would’ve been to say I forgot to put that it was 185 in the post I put on Instagram not to later add that it’s 185 after the fact and then when you get called out on it you remove the fact that it says 185 because it’s highly suspect to go in and edit the title to make it look like you would actually been in the right the entire time when you weren’t.

While nothing has been confirmed it certainly sparked a controversial discussion. Greg Doucette appears to be relentless in “exposing” other athletes who are misrepresenting their own abilities. With that said, it’s clear that Larry Wheels is legitimately strong.

Still Going Strong

Despite the controversy, Larry Wheels appears undeterred. He recently posted another video of himself lifting 225lbs with one arm.

No matter what others may say, Larry Wheels is an absolute beast. Will Greg Doucette call him out for this one? We’ll have to wait and see. The GI team will continue to follow this news as it develops.

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