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Hassan Mostafa Drops an Impressive Posing Video Just Before the NY Pro

Hassan Mostafa is reminding the bodybuilding world why he’s the favorite.

The NY Pro is set to feature some impressive up and coming bodybuilders. This next generation of competitors have all the tools necessary to take the bodybuilding world by storm. One of those athletes is Hassan Mostafa who recently gave a preview of the physique he’s bringing to the NY Pro.

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Coming in second place at the 2020 NY Pro, Hassan Mostafa is the favorite heading into this show. He’s physique is impressive and complete. That is it was the last time we saw him on stage. Since then some have raised concerns about his midsection.

In certain progress pics and videos, Mostafa has shown a bit of bloat around his midsection. As such, many have wondered if this weak point would hinder his performance at the NY Pro.

While his midsection being bloated is a legitimate cause for concern, Hassan Mostafa just put those worries to bed.

An Impressive Physique Days Out

In a recent post on Instagram Mostafa showcased his current physique days out from the NY Pro. Suffice it to say his midsection has been taken care of and he’s looking great. 

Much of the focus heading into the NY Pro has been placed on Blessing Awodibu and Nick Walker. Hassan Mostafa was always a clear front runner, but it can’t be denied that the Blessing-Walker beef brought a different level of intrigue.

With all that said, Hassan Mostafa showing this level of physique days out changes the narrative. There’s no doubt that Mostafa should be the favorite at the NY Pro. He has the musculature and symmetry that sets him apart from the rest of the field. He has also been working with veterans like the legend Flex Wheeler and Jose Raymond. Both veterans have helped Mostafa take his posing to another level which is sure to round out his game.

Blessing Awodibu, Nick Walker, and Justin Rodriguez will be Mostafa’s main competition at the show. But if he brings a package like this to the stage, there’s no doubt that he’s ready for the challenge.

What do you think about Hassan Mostafa and his physique days out from the NY Pro?

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