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How To Make Bacteriostatic Water

How To Make Bacteriostatic Water

by Muscle Mechanic

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Heard there been a shortage according to search and topics on boards.
So I will tell u guys how to make your own BA Water!!!

I wrote this article before so it may be similar to another but I am re-writing just for u guys.

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Here is what is needed:
– Benzyl Alcohol can be purchased at lab supply shop.
– Sterile Vials with crimp tops and rubber of course
– Sterile pins 21,22, 25ga all work
– Slin pin 100 unit 1ml pin sterile of course
– alcohol 70-90% fine just for wiping
– Distilled Water a gallon fine
– Swabs or pads for wiping and cleaning

So we have all supplies needed.
1- Next a clean room without any drafts fine. Wipe all surfaces with alcohol pads in area. Counter tops etc…
2- Wipe bottle of distilled water or gallon, especially top and cap.
3- Wipe vial tops BA and your sterile vials
I will use 10ml to make easy for 20ml, 30ml multiply mixture by 2, 3 etc.
4- put a 22ga pin needle only thru vial cap to vent.
5- Draw with your 3ml pin for example enough to total 10ml of distilled water. Add into vial. Be sure each draw is precise be getting air out pin. So 3ml x 3= 9 + 1ml =10ml
6- Draw 10 units in slin pin of Benzyl Alcohol.
7- add that 10 units of BA to the 10ml vial filled with distilled water.
8- shake well wait 20 minutes and ready to use.

And there u have it. BA water has gotten expensive because of shortages. This is simple and cheap.
Some guys filter it but it’s absolutely not necessary.

I use this process myself for some time and never had an issue.
If u wanna filter u chose. Some will say .45um others .22um. I never filtered and never had an issue.
I make around 30ml at a time and use 10ml sterile vials.


How To Sterilize lab equipment. Vials – Rubber Stoppers – Autoclave – Distilled water – Isopropyl Alcohol

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