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Jesus Olivares (+120KG) Sets All-Time Raw Squat World Record of 478KG at Sheffield 2024

Kilo by kilo, Jesus Olivares moves the needle. Among the many, many new powerlifting world records set over the course of the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) Sheffield 2024 Powerlifting Championships was the Men’s super-heavyweight all-time classic squat record.

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Olivares, on his final squat attempt of the session, successfully lifted 478 kilograms, or 1,053.81 pounds. This colossal lift put Olivares back in the record books, erasing Ray Williams‘ 477.5-kilogram (1,052.7-pound) record that had stood since 2017. 

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Here’s a full breakdown of Olivares’ performance at Sheffield 2024. Note that all weights are listed in kilograms: 

It’s worth noting that Olivares’ squat is an IPF open classic world record, but is not technically the heaviest raw squat made in competition to date. That accolade remains with Williams, who squatted 490 kilograms at the SBD Pro American powerlifting meet, which was held during the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival and is an USAPL record. 

Jesus Olivares on His Sheffield 2024 Performance

Despite setting a new world record in the squat, Olivares hardly had a perfect day on the lifting platform. Two errors made during the bench press portion cost him dearly, particularly on his third attempt, when Olivares racked the barbell before being given the appropriate signal from the judge. 

Olivares, the defending champion from Sheffield 2023, lost his title as a result, despite making a truly gutsy 429-kilogram final attempt during the deadlift portion. Shortly after the competition had wrapped, Olivares took to Instagram to share his thoughts

“Losing hurts 1000 times worse than how good winning feels, but that’s sports … I had the prep of a lifetime and came short … I’m going to follow this feeling of failure and turn it into something greater.” 

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How Powerlifting Works at Sheffield

The overall Men’s champion of this year’s event was Gustav Hedlund, who finished with 100.78 percent of the 93-kilogram world record total. Hedlund himself totaled 895 kilograms, or 1,973.14 pounds. 

The Sheffield Powerlifting Championships don’t operate like a run-of-the-mill powerlifting meet. 12 men and 12 women athletes, all of whom were granted entry by lifting at least 95 percent of their classes’ world record total, compete across their divisions on a single leaderboard.

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The athletes’ ultimate placing is determined by how far ahead of their classes’ world record they can total, regardless of which class they’re in. Here’s the final leaderboard from Sheffield 2024: 


  1. Agata Sitko (69KG): 600KG, 109.3%
  2. Prescillia Bavoil (69KG): 585KG, 106.6%
  3. Carola Garra (69KG): 582.5KG, 106.1%
  4. Evie Corrigan (52KG): 481KG, 103.2%
  5. Brittany Schlater (84+KG): 710KG, 102.4%
  6. Sonita Kyen Muluh (84+KG): 708KG, 102.1%
  7. Karlina Tongotea (76KG): 610.5KG, 101.8%
  8. Jade Jacob (57KG): 519.5KG, 101.4%
  9. Natalie Richards (57KG): 516.5KG, 100.8%
  10. Tiffany Chapon (47KG): 431.5KG, 100.7%
  11. Amanda Lawrence (84KG): 647KG, 100.3%
  12. Noemie Allabert (52KG): 447.5KG, 97.3%

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  1. Gustav Hedlund (93KG): 895KG, 100.8% 
  2. Jonathan Cayco (93KG): 890.5KG, 100.6%
  3. Delaney Wallace (83KG): 842.5KG, 100.2%
  4. Gavin Adin (93KG): 887KG, 99.9%
  5. Panagiotis Tarinidis (66KG): 702.5KG, 98.9%
  6. Timothy Monigatti (74KG): 789.5KG, 98.7%
  7. Carlos Petterson-Grifith (93KG): 875KG, 98.5%
  8. Anatolii Novopismennyi (105KG): 925.5KG, 98.5%
  9. Carl Johansson (74KG): 785.5KG, 98.2%
  10. Kyota Ushiyama (66KG): 690KG, 97.1%
  11. Jesus Olivares (120+KG): 1,152.5KG, 96.6%
  12. Tony Cliffe (120KG): 925KG, 94.5% 

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