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Kali Muscle: Bodybuilders Are ‘So Caught Up’ In Drugs, They Don’t Think About the late Cedric McMillan and Shawn Rhoden

Online fitness sensation Chuck “Kali Muscle” Kirkendall continues to warn against the dangers of professional bodybuilding. During a recent video, Kali shared that bodybuilders are too fixated on drugs and appeasing judges rather than preserving their health for the long term. 

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In 2021, the sport of bodybuilding saw more athletes than usual pass away. The 2018 Mr. Olympia winner Shawn Rhoden died from suspected heart problems as well as George Peterson, whose body was found in his hotel room two days before performing at last year’s Olympia.  

The concerning trend from last year appeared to bleed into 2022. A slew of influential figures in the sport lost their lives over the past several months like former Arnold Classic winner Cedric McMillan, 46-year-old judge Jerry Ward, and German IFBB Pro Andreas Frey. Kali also suffered a near-death experience last November after having a heart attack. Ever since the scary ordeal, he’s been on a mission to promote health awareness in bodybuilding. 

In light of the growing number of deaths, Kali Muscle has been far more vocal about steroids and other dangers present in the sport. At first, his message was simple: ‘if you’re a bodybuilder, then you’re risking your life.’ Though, as time went on, his tone became more serious. He reiterated in August that bodybuilders have now become test dummies who continually risk their lives. In one of his latest videos, Kali Muscle gave an honest take on why he chose not to pursue a pro career. 

Kali Muscle says He’d Be Dead if He Pursued Pro Bodybuilding Career

The popular fitness personality specified that he wouldn’t be here today if he pursued a pro career in bodybuilding.

“I’m glad I didn’t go Pro bro, I’d been dead. Just being honest. I’m glad I had enough sense when I saw the list of what [drugs] to take, then I was like, ‘nah, I’m cool.’ I knew at that point, there’s just something in your spirit that tells you. You know what I mean.”  

Kali added that bodybuilders who are ‘caught up’ in drugs, ‘don’t hear’ or heed the warnings from himself, Shawn Rhoden, and Cedric McMillan.

“If you’re caught up in it, you’re caught up in it. You don’t hear Kali Muscle, Shawn Rhoden, Cedric [McMillan], like ‘oh that ain’t going to happen to me.’ I wasn’t like that. I was really conscious of injuries and having health problems. That’s why I would get off [drugs]. Like most people, they wouldn’t get off. I would get off three months out of the year,” Kali Muscle shared

In addition to the aforementioned concerns, Kali Muscle shared that life as a bodybuilder is ‘nonstop’ and the sacrifices aren’t worth the financial rewards. 

“I didn’t go Pro as a bodybuilder. I’m like, ‘it’s nonstop.’ A judge is like, ‘oh I want your legs 40 inches,’ and those motherfuc**rs are doing what they got to do to get it. I ain’t never been no fuc**ng sheep or pawn, letting another fat fu** man as judge telling me how I’m supposed to get my body for hardly no money.” 

“Bro, $400,000! Bro, he [Mr. Olympia winners] had to spend $6 million to get $400,000,” Kali Muscle said. “None of these guys got their own supplement companies or nothing. Jay [Cutler] and Ronnie [Coleman] are the only ones.” 

Cedric Mcmillan At Arnold Classic
Cedric McMillan at Arnold Classic

Kali isn’t the only prominent voice in the fitness community warning against bodybuilding drugs. Earlier this week, former 1983 Mr. Olympia Samir Bannout discussed bodybuilding legend Ronnie Coleman’s 2001 dehydration health scare. Bannout added that even for experienced coaches, dialing in dehydration a week before a bodybuilding contest can be deadly

The last time fans heard from Kali he was at the hospital for over two days undergoing a series of health screenings. During the visit, he underlined that it’s not just steroids killing bodybuilders but excessive amounts of food too. He said he ‘felt sorry’ for popular names in the sport like 2021 Arnold Classic champion Nick Walker and rising IFBB Pro Andrew Jacked.

Kali Muscle is urging athletes to prioritize their health before it’s too late. He hopes his recent dialogue will help promote safer bodybuilding practices moving forward. 

Watch the full video below:

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