Martin Fitzwater Wins 2024 Detroit Pro Bodybuilding Show

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April 15, 2024
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Martin Fitzwater is the inaugural Detroit Pro Men’s Open champion. Fitzwater was one of six athletes who competed in the 2024 Detroit Pro show in Dearborn, MI, on April 14, 2024, and he was the last to leave the stage as the winner.

As a result, Fitzwater is now qualified to compete in the 60th edition of the Mr. Olympia contest in Las Vegas, NV, on the weekend of Oct. 10-13, 2024. VItalii Goodvito and Ronald Gordon scored second and third place, respectively. The final standings are below:

2024 Detroit Pro Results

  1. Martin Fitzwater (United States)
  2. Vitalii Goodvito (Brazil)
  3. Ronald Gordon (United States)
  4. Justin Rodriguez (United States)
  5. Gabriel Gariepy (Canada)
  6. Harry Harris (United Kingdom)

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Winner — Martin Fitzwater

This is Fitzwater’s first pro victory and Olympia qualification, but it was not easy. He and Goodvito were in a close contest.

Based on the scorecards, FItzwater was only ahead by one point after pre-judging, but he sealed the deal in the evening finals. The head judge for this show was Tyler Manion.

Second Place — Vitalii Goodvito

Goodvito was coming off a third-place finish at the 2024 Arnold South America contest one week before this show. He appeared to be in similar shape but improved a rank. Having two top-three finishes in his first two shows is a big accomplishment. If he chooses to compete again this season, he will likely remain in first callouts.

Third Place — Ronald Gordon

This was Gordon’s 2024 season debut, which comes after a two-year absence from the stage. All the judges had scored him in third place in both rounds. He appeared bigger and leaner here than when he finished 11th at the 2022 Indy Pro.

Other Notes

Fans in attendance were treated to a bonus — guest posing from 2023 Arnold Classic Champion Samson Dauda and fellow IFBB Pro Hunter Labrada.

Awards issued at this contest included Fitzwater receiving the Cedric McMillan award for best poser, Goodvito receiving the Luke Sandoe Most Muscular award, and Gordon receiving the John Meadows Most Shredded honors.

Featured image: @martinfitzh2o on Instagram

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