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Maxx Charles Earns Early Olympia Qualification Winning Romania Muscle Fest Pro

Maxx Charles Earns Early Olympia Qualification Winning Romania Muscle Fest Pro


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That face tells it all.. no sleep for 3 weeks, traveling back and forth from Italy to New York from New York to Indonesia then back to New York and then to Romania.. all the while being really sick and unable to get any kind of sleep.. still I was determined I would not loose another show so I blocked the shits that was going on. didn’t even speak about it.. my coach @johnny_d_casalena didn’t even know I was sick maybe until now when he read this post lol.. At the end I would not surrender because all i wanted was to get an early qualification so I can take that much needed break.. which I haven’t had for 5 years since turning pro and I was determined one way or another I was gonna get that qualification.. no way I was gonna let myself go thru the same shit I went this year next year trying to be qualify.. no wayyyy.
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Mens Open Bodybuilder Maxx Charles
Maxx Charles
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And off to the Olympia we go.. got an early qualification for the O which gives me a long time to really improve and be much better.. haven’t had a long break 5 years since turning pro.. let’s see what this time off will do for the body. all I know is I need it. Mentally and physically.. thank you to my sponsor @scitecnutrition you guys been supporting me for many years now, I’m more than proud to represent and be part of the best supplement line around.. thank you to all the people that support me and believe in me.. all my friends and fans.. my family, my girl my everything the lady who makes me the man I am and who always support me no matter what, my baby Jules.. and special thank you to my boy and coach @johnny_d_casalena couldn’t do it without you bro.. ur there for me more than I could ever ask for and trust me I appreciate every bit of it.. #maxx #teamscitec #nyc #sport#training #neversurrender #bodybuilding #fit #fitness #muscles #muscles

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