Nick Walker Shares ‘Morning Routine’ Supplement Stack and Shake for Optimal Digestion

May 30, 2023
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Nick Walker has quickly become one of the most talked-about names in bodybuilding. In a recent YouTube video, Walker gave a comprehensive look at his morning routine in the 2023 off-season, which included his supplement stack and a green smoothie recipe for gut health. 

As a Men’s Open bodybuilder, Nick Walker continues to make strides toward his goal of winning the sport’s most prestigious honor. In 2021, he was the talk of the town after taking home consecutive titles at the New York Pro and Arnold Classic. At his first-ever Mr. Olympia show, Walker managed fifth place

Aiming to present a tighter midsection with more size, Walker worked furiously last year, opting not to defend his title in Columbus, Ohio. Walker later proved himself in third against a deep lineup at the 2022 Olympia. However, the 28-year-old fell short of former 212 Olympia Derek Lunsford, and the newly crowned champion Hadi Choopan. 

After taking bronze at the last Olympia contest, Walker entered the 2023 Arnold Classic on short notice. While he presented arguably the most conditioned physique on stage, the judges favored the shape, balance, and beauty of Samson Dauda. Nevertheless, Walker was undeterred by the outcome. He’s now even more eager to cement himself as a Mr. Olympia winner in November. 

283-Lb Nick Walker Shares Morning Routine During 2023 Off-Season  

Walker said he checks his weight daily and is currently sitting at 283 pounds. 

“I like to check my weight I do it every morning it’s an OCD thing, you don’t have to do it, you shouldn’t do it, I don’t advise you to do it, but I do. Okay, 283 [pounds] this morning. I was 282 yesterday I believe, so that’s not bad.” 

At the beginning of each morning, Walker drinks one liter of water to kickstart his digestion.

“I always drink one liter of water before I do anything. I just feel like drinking a good amount of water before your day starts kind of gets the body rolling, gets the metabolism rolling, gets everything rocking and it helps with digestion as well.” 

Given the current intensity of his training routine, Walker doesn’t feel the need to push himself with excessive cardio. He stressed that too much cardio training can work against him and his physique in the long run.

“This is my off day. I feel like the style in which I’m training now I don’t feel I need to do as much cardio as I used to. I will do some in the morning. Like a light walk today. I alternate between bike and treadmill but also the stairs are coming to the house so that’ll be fun.

I don’t really go crazy hard intensity just because I feel my intensity within the training which is how I do things more frequently now. I just feel cardio overdoes it at this point so I’ve been pulling back on that a lot and I’m seeing my body respond a whole lot better. I don’t hold as much inflammation, even digestion is a little better. Like I said, if I do it, it’s just a little 20 minutes light, nothing crazy just to get the body rolling.” 

“Cardio can be toxic whether it’s intense or not, especially being bigger holding a lot more muscle. You know, not to talk shit on skinny guys, they can go a lot longer than someone who is my size. They don’t have that weight. They don’t have that muscle capacity so to speak. They don’t fatigue as quickly as I do. The harder I train the more rest I’m going to need. Sometimes cardio plays a role in that recovery in a negative way. I’m still personally trying to find the balance of recovery, the frequency, how hard, I’ve got it down pretty good at this point.” 

In addition to water, cardio, and checking the scale, Walker said detoxing in the infrared sauna is an essential part of his daily routine. 

“I have my own sauna here, which all of you guys can have your own sauna, we got this from Medical Saunas, it’s infrared. It helps a lot. Sometimes I prefer this over cardio. You break a nice sweat. You get the benefits of eliminating inflammation and just taking all the stress out of you. Increase heart rate because you’re sweating. I think this is very beneficial.” 

Walker’s ‘Green Morning Shake’ Recipe + Current Supplement Stack 

Following cardio, Walker consumes a morning green shake on an empty stomach. He says the beverage contains Revive GI, Revive’s Daily Green Chocolate, and HD Muscle’s Glutamine. 

“I like to come back and have my morning green shake. AKA my poop shake which consists of… I use Revive GI and I’ll use Revive’s Daily Green Chocolate, then I’ll use HD Muscle’s Glutamine, I like to do the Glutamine early in the morning on an empty stomach. It just helps speed up recovery and also aids in digestion, four scoops, 20 grams,” Walker stated

Below, you can find ‘The Mutant’s’ full morning supplement stack.

“So we take a full serving of the Vita HD every morning. I normally kind of put them all in my mouth at once but since I’m talking, taking sips and taking sips. Then next we’ll do a partial serving of the Kidney HD, we’ll do another serving later in the day. Then we’ll do Liver HD. I do the full serving. Then we’ll do K2 one pill of these.

Then I have B3 which is 2000 IUs per pill, so I’ll take three. Then I take this Citrus Bergamont but HD just literally came out with theirs. I have not received mine yet so until my comes we’ll use this brand. Then we use a little baby aspirin and then vitamin C. I’ll do about 6,000 a day, these are 3,000 per pill, three in the morning, three in the afternoon.” 

  • Vita HD 
  • Kidney HD 
  • Liver HD 
  • K2 
  • B3 (6,000 IUs 3x daily)
  • Baby aspirin 
  • Vitamin C (6,000 mg 3x daily) 

Before wrapping up the video, Walker reviewed his morning routine and his breakfast, which was a Megafit chicken meal with cream of rice, frozen blueberries, and almond butter. 

“The morning routine, get up, take care of business. Do my water, morning cardio, little sauna, coffee run, morning poop shake, for breakfast we have some Megafit chicken, flavor gang Cream of rice, frozen blueberries, and almond butter, that’s pretty much what we do for our morning routine.”

This isn’t the first time Walker has been open about his progress in the 2023 off-season. In a Mutant and the Mouth podcast with Guy Cisternino, Walker said his strength increased and mentioned the intensity of his training/PEDs had changed recently. 

Walker last appeared on stage for a guest posing appearance at the 2023 Pittsburgh Pro, where he was joined by a star-studded lineup. In the months to come, fans look forward to seeing Walker’s game plan unfold as he aims to take Hadi Choopan’s Mr. Olympia title. 

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Watch the full video from Nick Walker’s YouTube channel below: 

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