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Shawn Rhoden Passes Lie Detector Test Regarding Rape Charges He Has Plead Innocent

Last Years Mr. Olympia Champion Still Prepping for 2019 Contest! Will A.M.I. Let Him Compete?

Will A.M.I. Let Shawn Rhoden Compete In This years 2019 Mr Olympia? As of right now the reigning 2018 Mr Olympia Champion is still listed as Ineligible to compete. Rhoden however is still preparing for the show while he makes his appeal along with strong support from the bodybuilding and fitness community who have all seemed to rally around Shawn. Thousands have signed a petiton to let him compete all with the same message, He is innocentuntiul proven guilty and deserves to earn a living in his profession!

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Rhoden has advocated for his innocence, going as far as to pass lie detector tests to his benefit regarding the rape allegations made against him.

With just a few weeks to go before the Mr Olympia contest Shawns Prep Pics have surfaced with many raving about his conditioning. Personally what I see is a stressed out physique, and certainly not a 4 weeks out Mr. Olympia Winning package. With that said its impressive none the less. Musclechemistry and the bodybuilding community as a whole support Shawns fight to compete.

Shawn Rhoden
2019 mr olympia Prep pics


Shawn Rhoden Weeks Out From Olympia

  1. My thoughts preceisely! He should rot in jail if he actually raped a women! Fan or No Fan of Rhoden, im pretty sure were all on the same page in terms of this.
    Anyone can pass a lie detector test they say, but in my opinion anyone who even volunteers to take one with serious pending charges has to be be given some serious not guilty credibility
    with that hat said I did see his pics , and his body as I stated in my original comment looks stressed out to me! I know people are praising how he looks right now so maybe the pics don’t do him justice but to me he looks off

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